Diary of Why - The Engagement (and Purring Kitten) Edition

So, now what? Do I just dive right into venue shopping, and the unique hell that is choosing a wedding venue within an hour of DC that's either charming and rustic or elegant and sophisticated or cute and quirky or artsy and fun or urban and gritty, and is also affordable and not booked up for all of 2018? (Yes, there are venues that are already completely booked for 2018. No, I don't want to talk about it.)

Or do I start at the very beginning, with that first date in a bar three and a half years ago?

Or do I say scratch all of that, let's just enjoy this video of a tiny, purring, alien kitten? (You're going to want the volume all the way up for this one.)

I think I will start with the engagement. 

One month ago, my boyfriend Simon and I went to Chicago for a long weekend. I had never been, and he had gone to law school there and wanted to get back for a visit. (I dragged him to Boston within the first three months of us dating. He has still never been to Mythaca, though. One of these days...) It became clear as we walked around that our hotel was in the center of the diamond district of Chicago, and I texted that to my sister. "He's gonna propose," she said. "Haha no," I replied. Though we had discussed marriage, my prior experiences with dating foot draggers and ne'er-do-wells had drastically lowered my expectations of, well, everything, and I had anticipated at least two to six more months of hemming and hawing before the question was popped. Plus, if he was ready to propose, I thought, I would know it, the way women just know these things.

Our first morning in Chicago, we walked around Millenium Park, and took some photos with the giant Space Bean. As we walked past a vacant Pritzker Auditorium, Simon got a faraway look in his eye and said, "I really want to get up on that stage." When I asked why, "I just want to see what it feels like," he said cryptically. But after encountering several metal barricades, and inquiring with one maintenance person and one security guard with a walkie talkie, it became clear that no, they really don't want anyone going on stage. Not even to propose to your girlfriend, as it turns out, even though from a distance I had thought he was simply pleading his latent rockstar fantasies. 

Turned away, we continued walking, and even though I said I wanted to walk along the lakefront toward Navy Pier, he subtly maneuvered us in the opposite direction, saying he wanted to show me Buckingham Fountain. Once there, I somehow unknowingly manipulated him into the perfect proposal position by saying, "Stand in front of the fountain so I can take your picture." Click.

"Come closer," he said, motioning me forward. Since he usually hates having his picture taken, I thought it was strange that not only was he encouraging me to take another picture of him, he was art directing my shot. I indulged him and moved closer. Click. "Come closer," he said again, smiling. At this point he was just being ridiculous, but one of the reasons we get along so well is we indulge each other's ridiculousness, and so I moved closer again. At this point I was standing about two feet in front of him and was zoomed in just on his face. At the exact moment that I took the next picture, and while I was busy looking at my camera screen and not him, he pulled a ring from his pocket and held it up in front of his face. Click. It's a great picture. 

We kissed, I cried, and we smiled and hugged each other as the unseasonably hot September sun beat down on us. "When I pictured this moment, I never thought I would be so sweaty," I exclaimed sexily, wiping my tears and snot with my hand. (Romance.) 

And that's how it happened. 

Next up: the initials guaranteed to strike fear into any bride's heart--DIY.   


  1. I love how you write. I love this story. I love that you are in love. I love that you're back.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I'm so excited and happy for you and a month behind. xoxoxo (also I feel like snot and tears are pre-requisite at proposals.)


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