Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Why I'm too old for this shit

I'm supposed to go on a date tonight. The first in something like a year and a half, for those keeping track. Yes, it has been a long (my longest) dating hiatus. (I tell myself it is self-imposed, but, really?) So, this date. This is how I feel about it:

Can you just feel the excitement dripping off me? The anticipation? The glee? No? You are correct. I feel none of those things. Now I just have to figure out how to make this (above) translate into this (below):

Except, I'm a terrible actress. And it's going to look more like this:

I can call in sick to my date, right? I'm not ready for this. Oh, help.


  1. I feel you. I've made that first face many a time. Just go and think of it as a free meal. You never know. : )

    1. Ha! Right. It's drinks. (I should have held out for a meal, right?)

  2. The last time I went on a date and felt meh about it.....I fell in love.Lol
    Good luck

  3. Good luck! I hope all goes well for you!

  4. Good luck! As someone else said up there, think of it as a free drink, a few laughs here and there and then you're back home!

    And if it goes really really bad, it can always make a funny blogging story!

  5. Attitude is everything you know...and you know the old saying when you least expect it...

  6. Four days have passed and we've yet to talk about this over cocktails. And to think, I yelled at you through a window today.

  7. How'd it go! Tell me everything. EVERYTHING I SAY.

    I feel meh about every job interview I go to. I'm not a great actress either. But afterwards I usually feel pretty excited (until a few days later when I think I could never possibly get it...and then they never call me back) - so basically the same as dating.

  8. I love you. And I miss you. And this post was genius. And I love Jim (I know that's not his real name) But I love him. No matter how he looks!