Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why staying in hotels is the WORST (but not really)

I was clicking through Yahoo the other day (because that is where I keep my junk mail account, which seems appropriate), and they always have those awful, sensationalist headlines, designed to make you click on them. Which I always do. Without fail, these headlines always disappoint. See What Article of Clothing This Celebrity Forgot to Put on Today! (His socks!) Is This Celebrity Couple Getting a Divorce? (Nope!) Yesterday I came across a headline so ridiculous that I am not even going to link to the article, but it was called, What We Hate About Staying in Hotels. Really? Oh god, staying in hotels, amiright? So awful! The worst! I was just talking about this with the girls at the country club the other day, and etc. Instead of clicking through to the article*, I started my own list. Feel free to add to it in the comments.    

               What We Hate About Staying in Hotels
  1. I don't have all my stuff around me like I do at home, help!
  2. This looks nothing like my house. What if I get lost?
  3. Tiny shampoo bottles--what is up with those? 
  4. They don't even let you make your own bed!  
Am I missing anything? 

*If you do click through to the article, it turns out, people are actually pretty happy about staying in hotels. You got me again, Yahoo!


  1. The only thing I truly dislike about hotels is that they activate my irrational, all-consuming fear of bedbugs. Other than that, everything about them is awesome.

  2. Never stay in a room by the ice machine!

  3. They say they're environmentally friendly if you hang up your towels they won't wash them, and yet - always with the new towels. Liars.

  4. I hate hotels. I'm never convinced they are actually clean (bedbugs etc.) and I just hate having to use their bedding (pillows, comforters). I always find hotels ridiculously expensive for what they are, as well.

  5. I clicked on the worst yahoo article ever the other day. The headline was see Adelle's album cover makeover, or something to that effect. I was slightly curious about why it needed to be made over. I didn't recall seeing anything offensive. So I was how to "furby-ize" your favorite album cover. The first pic was Ellie Goulding, not Adelle, and I literally said "what the fuck!" out loud.