Monday, June 17, 2013

Why I love Assateague Island in the summer

Last week, my sister and I went camping at my happy place. I've blogged about my love of Assateague Island here and here. And according to this blog's archives, it had been three years since I'd been, so I was definitely overdue for a return visit.

And what goes better with a beach camping trip than..

...gray skies and pouring rain? We started our trip trapped in the car with steamy windows, our view gone smeary with the brushstrokes of an impressionist painting. We read...
...and took indulgent photographs. But after the rain...
...there was a rainbow.
And then there were blue skies and fluffy white clouds and found sand castles.

And of course, as always, there were ponies on the beach.
Although they seemed even more...aggressive than in years past.
Seriously, watch your toes and guard your coolers.

They came to visit our campsite, too.
Find any good trash in there, blondie?
My cooler is now sporting a jaunty new hole in the lid. Ponies--the scavengers of the beach.
Me--the idiot who left the cooler out all night. 
On our last night we went to a bar in Ocean City where we saw live band karaoke and this sunset. One of these things was vastly superior to the other.
And then, when it was all over I got to come home to this..

...and this. Gulp. Still working on that one. 


  1. Great pics! Ponies on the beach? I need to go to there.

    I totally get why this island would be your happy place.

    And how much do I love your "chat gentil" sign?

    1. Crystal, I posted the chat gentil pic specifically for you, because I knew you would appreciate it. :)

  2. My old stomping grounds! We used to paddle the channel on long boards over to Assateague, get high and then paddle back... what bar in OC? I'm guessing bayside judging by the photo.

    1. Who knew you were such the expert? For some reason I always assumed your beach days were in NJ. I think the bar was called Taphouse.

  3. Ponies on the beach sounds amazing (despite their slightly aggressive attitude). I'm so sorry I'm so late to these posts!