Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why your body is your business

Fun with Craigslist just doesn't end, folks. Think of this as an addendum to yesterday's post, wherein I put up snippets of particularly baffling responses to a job posting. This is the first sentence of one very hopeful man's cover letter:
Dear Human Resource Professional:

The Company is an outstanding corporation of considerate admiration to me due to the sustainable, renovation and master planning practices in the field.
I just read that three times and I still have no idea.

Then we have the guy with the redundant name. Let's say it's either Pete Peter, Rob Robert, or Dan Daniel. Not enough to disqualify someone in itself, but it does make me question his parents' choices and wonder if perhaps he might have a middle name he would prefer to go by. Pete Peter/Rob Robert/Dan Daniel says:
I know I’m perhaps a bit ‘over’ qualified but I’m willing to work for [way more than this position actually pays] considering our current economic situation.

I’m available to show you my body anytime of the week after 2:30pm to show you my work if you find my skillsets of interest.
Wait, "I'm available to show you my body?" Dude, it's...not that kind of job.

I think he means "body of work?" But honestly, I'm just not sure. 


  1. Pete Peter/Rob Robert/Dan Daniel is repetitive repetitive in a number number of ways ways:

    Assuming that he *is* talking about his body OF WORK, he mentions is BEFORE the time constraint and AFTER it too. He's an adamant little stripper.

  2. These posts are killing me! Who ARE these non-proofreaders??

  3. I'd ask for pictures to see if his body is worth looking at!

  4. Oh goodness, once I did a job ad at a job that I worked at, and someone put the wrong in, they wrote the wrong organisation that they were applying too...

    True story.

    Le sigh. I love these.