Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why your positivity makes me feel meh

Sometimes my sister bugs the shit out of me. If you have a sister, you know this is true. I love her and all, but sometimes it's like, how are we related, again? 

Recently she sent me an e-mail with a link to this video, saying: i wish you would get into this stuff, power of positive thinking and all that... always makes me feel better, and it fits in with yoga n all :)   


Don't even...don't even watch that video, guys. I mean, do, but, like ten seconds is probably enough. I think you get the point here. 

I responded: Umm, sorry, all I can think of when I see that is this:


Do watch this video. It's only 8 seconds long.

Her response: to each their own lol!

Today she texted me, asking what I'm planning to wear (to the theatah) on Saturday. I said I didn't know, given that I currently hate all my clothes shoes scarves jewelry hair and face. Which, come on, is funny (and also happens to be true).

She replied: At least u have a positive attitude

And then it was like...
Yeah, like that.

Did I miss the memo where it says sisters are no longer allowed to complain to each other about having nothing to wear? Are we also not allowed to complain about men or how weird/annoying our parents are? The next time her dog pees on my bed and couch within a 12 hour time period do I have to compliment her on how effectively he was able to communicate his displeasure at being left alone for ten goddamn minutes? Sorry, I didn't know we were playing the glad game.

Oh, in other news, I got a cat. An awesome one. Pictures forthcoming, as soon as I take them.


  1. I hate those do-gooder feel-gooder types when I'm in a pissy mood, too. I get it -- you just want someone to say, "YEAH! THAT SUCKS!" Because, really and seriously, that *does* make you (me) feel better. (That was not facetious. Seriously. I get where you're coming from. I do.)

    Cat? That *will* make you feel better, y'know. True story. Fact. I'm not just saying that. Cats are NOTHING like yoga. (I can't confirm that last part -- I have a dog and don't do yoga -- but I'm just guessing.)

    I hope you feel better soon. CAT!


  2. At least you CAN say stuff to her about it!! I get stuff like the first video (I lasted 13 seconds, btw) from my sister-in-law, and she's the kind of person who'll scream bloody murder at you if you disagree with her. So there's no possibility for snarky comments in reply. SIGH.

    Yay, cat!!

  3. Seriously, Inspector Climate is a 'look at the bright side of things all the time' kind of guy and frankly, it drives me crazy. If I want to complain about having to wear, surely that's acceptable!

  4. KITTEH!!!!!!!!! WHAT???

    Sisters can be the best and the worst. They know exactly where to find your buttons, and the best frequency for pushing them to drive you crazy.

  5. Do you know i have a sister? She's six years older than me and has disliked me since i was born, it's cool though, she did turn me onto some great music when i was younger and bought me a ticket to see David Bowie when i was 18, i love her we just don't have much in common... and cats rule, i have 3 i should know, by far my favorite animal, except maybe for dolphins but you can't have them as pets.

  6. I have intense, possibly irrational, hatred for that first video. I also have intense and irrational hatred for people who believe in the power of positive thinking. Possibly because I envy them their ability to not be bothered by things that put me in a bad temper.

    But cats are wonderful. I have two cats, and they love getting into trouble. NOTHING in my apartment is safe unless it is placed in a locked container. But even when they are bad (as they often are), they are still a huge improvement to my life.

  7. What a terrific post! Wait, was that too positive? Too bad because your exchange with your sister and the video clips made me laugh.

    A cat! Is this your first cat? Having lived with them for many years, I found each had a unique personality, but I loved them all.

  8. Hahahaha!!! I just came across this book on Amazon.

  9. Aw crap, why didn't the link work. The book is called "The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive Thinking" by Oliver Burkeman

    1. Ooh, that sounds perfect Dawn. And no worries, I will happily cut and paste for you. :)