Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I'm not letting it go to my head

And now for something truly important. It's been a while since I've done a hair post, hasn't it? Presented in inane-text-conversations-with-my-sister format:

Me: I think I got a 70s shag haircut! Ack!

 My sis: Color too?!

 Me: Nope. Still the same as when you saw me two days ago.

Sis: Looks reddish.

 Me: Phone camera+bathroom lighting.

Me: Do you like it? 

Sis: I like the color.

Me: It's the same!!

Then, unrelated to hair, but related in the fact that it took place later that night, which you can tell because I'm wearing the same shirt (and not because I always wear the same shirt), this picture:

I was going to say, "presented without explanation," except, well... 


a. This is me wearing yoga pants and attempting headstand at a dinner party.
b. I had to change after I split my real pants attempting to demonstrate frog pose. (For your edification.) I don't remember how it came up, but it did, ok?
c. SINCE I was now wearing yoga pants there seemed to be NO REASON NOT TO attempt headstand, and again I don't remember how it came up, but it did, ok?
d. There are only two situations in which I will ever do headstand, and one is in a yoga studio with calm nerves, steady breath, and a centered mind, and the other is drunk and in someone's living room.
e. When I am calm, steady, and centered, I have never once fallen out of headstand, but drunk and in someone's living room, it is perhaps unsurprising that my first attempt ended with me crashing spectacularly down on my left shoulder and side. (I totally get the word "tipsy" now!)
f. FOR SOME REASON (and also posterity) I agreed to go for this second, more successful attempt (with the help of a spotter this time, because ouch).

Moral of the story: INVITE ME TO YOUR DINNER PARTIES. But you should probably move your furniture out of the way first. 


  1. Oh my! Love the cut and color. And I think it's hilarious about the yoga. Seriously. I'm totally with you there. Get me drunk enough and I'm doing splits like a high school cheerleader. :)

  2. Oh I ONLY do headstands when I'm drunk! It was a thing, for a while ... http://sphotos-f.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/73_10213315570_5147_n.jpg

  3. I would have to try a headstand, too, even though it has been years since I've actually been able to do one. And I would even be sober.

  4. Love your hair cut! I haven't done a head stand for a really long time, i think we talked about this, but my studio insists that you do them in the middle of the room and that freaks me out - sober or not!

    1. I call that yoga naziism! Mine encourages wall use for those who want it. In my last class I was frustrated because I really wanted to do one but there was no open wall space, and I was too scared to try without it. I feel your pain. (What about handstands at your studio? Do they let you use the wall for those? Eeek!)

  5. I can't remember one damn haircut you didn't complain about or claim it was "70s". And your hair always looks awesome. We would tell you if it didn't, haha!

    Get over it girl. The 70s are retro-cool, anyway! :)

    And hey, I love the color.

  6. Is it bad etiquette to comment on your great ass? The haircut's nice too.

    1. I suppose it was unavoidable. I feel like my ass is the elephant in the room in that picture. This is what happens when you live your whole life without an ass, then suddenly 32-and-a-half hits and you start splitting pants and not recognizing your own ass in pictures.

  7. I definitely need another crazy, drunk lady wearing yoga pants in my home, so you should totally come visit and try to get a concussion with me.