Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Why love and guest bloggers make the world go round

I'd like to take a break from our normally scheduled nothing around here (I know that I've been less than prolific lately) to introduce you to guest blogger Sarah. Sarah has a hip, cool, and airy blog--I guess what I would term a lifestyle blog with soul. Now, normally I am not one for these lifestyle blogs that are so popular lately--all fluff and no substance, if you ask me. But Sarah's is charming and fun and introspective. Sarah generously offered to share her perspective on where her life has taken her (married to a gorgeous man with a gorgeous child and another (undoubtedly gorgeous) baby on the way), and well, it's about goddamn time we had a story with a happy ending on ye olde blog, no? I find this post goes along really well with a reading of the love story she's posted on her blog, which gives all the fun, "aww"-inspiring details of how she and her husband met and fell in love, so make sure to check that one out, too.
I had this plan back when I was in college. I was just going to graduate, then I'd travel the world and get rich and famous. I was going to do it all on my own. I figured, somehow, that would show them ALL. While they were off planning marriages doomed to fail or having their hearts broken by the losers they chased, but still patronizing my singleness, well, I'd be living a dream, needing no one. (At least not until I was 30 at least.)

My plan was working quite well until that very last semester. I'd staved off the wannabe boyfriends and trekked the globe a time or two; and with graduation just a few months away, I was ready to blaze head-on and full-force into a fabulously free life, blissfully ignoring that I, like most young women, just really, really wanted to fall in love.

That's when I did.
And when I met him, it happened in an instant, fireworks surely shooting from my head the moment we first kissed and I began a rapid, headstrong fall right into "I'm so gone over this guy." And that was okay, because he was one of the good ones. In fact, he was "the one." Eight years later, I've married the man, bought a house with him, adopted a puppy with him, and had one baby (pregnant with the second). 

Sometimes I marvel at being here, where so many of my girlfriends are trying to be, and right where I thought I had no desire to be. How ironic that life so often deals us the opposite of our plan, and yet, how delicious! Because in the midst of all my adventure planning and in my blatant attempts to avoid needing someone, I almost missed out on what has been my life's biggest adventure--and more importantly, my life's biggest lesson. I do need someone, and that's okay. It's okay to settle down and relish it, to be a "me" to somebody else; I'm still me.

And then I think about how it all boiled down to that one instant. I thought about all the other times in life when I thought that moment was happening or when it would be that perfect setting for a similar instant or all those times I was impatiently anticipating it. It didn't happen in any of those instances; it happened when it happened and that was the surprise and the adventure of it. I wish all women could see it that way, whether they meet their true love at 16 or 40. It's all something we crave, but to recognize our own strength, to blaze our own trails, to continue planning and maturing and learning, then BAM. You have that first kiss you know is your last. To have that instant, to find the adventure in love, it makes it all worth it. There is magic in it, no matter where or when it happens, and it makes the wait, the anticipation, so beautiful and sensual and the best part of the journey.

Thank you, Sarah! Our lives are so different, but I love how we can find common ground through our blogs. Everyone, make sure to give Sarah lots of love in the comments and on her blog


  1. Thanks so much for having me! :)

  2. How cute. Love Sarah and her blog :)

  3. Um, I don't know Sarah's blog; I'm sure she's a great writer but this piece seems better suited to be directed to a known audience. I think I could get behind it a lot more if it were your story as I have followed your search for love, your shifts in life; be they geographically, academically or professionally. Hearing this from someone where there is no context seems a bit braggy (especially the line about being where many of her girlfriends are trying to be). I have girlfriends who are newly coupled up and they would never suggest/hint at such a thing when socialising with me and other single friends. Not verbally or otherwise; we have the same conversations as we did when we were all in the same boat. Don't get me wrong; it's great to share and cross-blog? but the topic just seemed a bit off-putting to me; perhaps she could have written about the adventures she alludes to, especially as it wold be more in-step with your last post. I'm sure your other readers may have enjoyed this, just wanted to give honest feedback on my initial reaction.

    1. I rarely have guest bloggers but when the opportunity presents itself I am usually happy to accommodate. Not sure how many takers I'm going to have if it becomes a no-holds-barred "honesty" fest in the comments section!

      Take it for what it is--an introduction to a blogger (or bloggers) you might not otherwise come across. And like I said above--let's leave Sarah some LOVE in the comments, people!

    2. Apologies, my comment was unneccessary.
      I hope that my evidently minority opinion does not scare off any would be guest-bloggers. Will not happen again.

    3. Hi Anonymous,

      I don't mind the honesty at all. In fact, I appreciate hearing all reactions to whatever I write.

      I'm sure it's hard to find relevance in this story, not knowing me at all. I was thrilled at the invitation to guest post here, and the topic was meant to be my experience with love. It is what it is, I guess--it's how it happened for me. I feel very grateful to be married to Trevor, and I am sorry if the way I conveyed our story was "braggy" or off-putting. That certainly wasn't the intention. Just a story share.

      Feel free to stop by my blog any time and get to know us if you'd like! We'd be happy to have you!


  4. I liked Sarah's guest blog and thought it was totally relevant to associate with your blog.
    A fun little interlude!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jacque! Hope you stay and read Diary of Why too! This girl has SERIOUS writing talent! :)

  6. Wow simply beautiful. She is lucky to have found love when most young ladies are still searching for Mr. Right. I wish her and her family all the best.