Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why change is in the air

Well helloooo! I am not at all tupsy on a Sunday afternoon. In case you were wondering. So, you may have noticed that things have been looking a little different over here. For one thing, I am now purple. Zoinks! as Rassles would say. It was time for a change, I thought. Thoughts? 

Nextly, and I'm not sure if you've noticed this, but I can now be found at Yes, I have dropped three whole syllables from my you are ell, and now it all rolls so trippingly off the tongue. No more pesky dot blogspot dot com for me, although if you insist, you can still find me there as well. But why would you want to? You see, I had put off purchasing my own domain name for all these years (nearly five, for those who are counting), because I had assumed that it would be a) prohibitively expensive and b) beyond my technical expertise. But you know what assume means, as my boss says menacingly every single time someone uses that word in her presence, and lord help you if you say no, because she will tell you what it means. (Every single time.) But as it turns out, I am acquainted with knowledgeable people with loftier aspirations for my blog than I myself have, who gave me just the gentle nudge that I needed to get off my duff and buy my own domain name, already. Because as it turns out, it is neither expensive nor complicated, and in fact is a) laughably cheap and b) embarrassingly easy. 

And, not only that! But, as you may also have noticed or not, I have taken the plunge and joined Twitter. I am all twitterpated over here. In my typical curmudgeonly and social media-averse fashion I held out as long as I could, but once again, by people wiser than myself I was finally shown the error of my ways. And so far it's great! Except. Erm. This is a little embarrassing. I am feeling a bit...lonely...over there. You know. In the Twitterverse. Twittosphere. The Twitscape. I am following a couple people and a couple people are following me, and that is all well and good. But! It could be even weller and gooder, I am thinking, ya know? So first, I throw the question to you, Internet: Who should I be following on Twitter? And secondly--and I only ask this because it is almost(ish) my birthday--nothing, and I mean nothing (no, seriously, stop showering me with gifts already) would give me more pleasure (on my birthday(ish)) than if you would consider following me on Twitter, Internet. (Linky-link to your right --->).

And that's it for this week's edition of Tipsy Sunday Blogging. Zoinks!        


  1. Sorry but I don't Tweet! But I do like the purple. I remember going through a similar mental process when it came to purchasing the domain name Chubby Chatterbox. Imagine my surprise that it was available and that nobody wanted it.

  2. Follow your favourite celebs. Mostly you get the best of twitter by going ahead and following back people who follow you. Start interactions, replies etc. Retweet cool stuff. Twitter is what you put into it. Having said that there are a couple or so really cool peeps you should follow. @sassymarmalade @suzierobb @

  3. Perhaps it is simply an age thing, but what is Twitter?


  4. Ah! I'll have to follow you. I'm always looking for more twitter-tainment. (Also, I never use twitter-y words but it seems right in this case)

    I spend more time on Twitter now that Facebook has been overrun by people who annoy me and yet I can't bring myself to delete them.

    My name is TheRealJenJo on Twitter!

  5. I like the purple, too. And I just started following you on Twitter. So, Happy Birthday to you!

  6. What service provider are you using to host your domain name? Do you pay yearly or monthly? Just curious because I've been thinking of buying my domain name too, but am not sure how to go about it.

    P.S. LOve the purple! Change is good!

    1. You know, I couldn't even tell you. I think it's But I did it all through Blogger. What you do is this, and it's so, so easy. Go to the settings tab in Blogger, then to publishing. From there you can search to see if your domain name is available and even purchase it right there. It's a once yearly payment of ten whole bucks, in my case, but I guess it can vary depending on the name. I feel like everyone should know how easy this can be! Do it! :)

  7. Good change. It will be easier to find you for my diary of why fix. I'd follow you, but I don't twitter.

  8. I thought twitter was for nutters. Now I check it like 10 times a day. It's nice to feel connected I suppose. In that crack makes you feel connected.

  9. I like the purple. And I have never twittered!

  10. Yeah, I bought my domain name for 10 a year as well - mine's through google. easy peasy.

    I just followed you on twitter!

  11. Thanks for the tip! I had a look and my domain name is available. I'm still not sure if there are any advantages to buying the domain name though...what really changes after you drop the .blogspot? Perhaps if I ever start a "professional" blog, I'll buy the name?