Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why my blogging future depends on you

I hope you all didn't think that last post was my swan song to blogging or anything. You know I can't quit you. Especially not now when I need your heeeelllllllp, Internet, I need heeeeeeeeeeeee (*breathes*) eeeeellllllllp!

Ahem. I mean, I need your advice, you tech-savvy, intelligent people of the Internet, you. So. Over the course of the last three and a half years, my laptop has been not-so-slowly falling apart, piece by cheapo piece. First, the sound card abruptly burnt out, which I was able to fix by purchasing an external sound card and plugging speakers into it. The ethernet port doesn't work, which, I figured, who cares, I'll just use wireless, right? Then last weekend my wireless suddenly stopped working. Rendering me...Internetless. (I'll hold for gasps of horror.) (If I hadn't recently invested in a smart phone I might actually have died.) Best Buy guy's diagnosis: the wireless card was fried, but I could stop-gap it by purchasing (yes) an external wireless adapter. So, now I have an external sound card plugged into one USB port and an external wireless adapter plugged into another USB port, and given that the last USB port (guess what) doesn't work, I am running out of USB ports. Also, given the chunkiness of both of these plug-ins, they won't fit side-by-side, and they also won't fit in the other port while the power cord is plugged in, and my computer only has about 45 minutes of juice once it's unplugged, which means I can have either sound and power, or Internet and sound, get the idea. As I'm sure you can imagine, this is severely cramping my style. 

Clearly, it is time for a new laptop. So my question for you, Internet, is what the hell kind of laptop should I get? Obviously, due to all of the above, I will never get another HP. I will also not get a Mac, because, you know, I am not made of money. What can I get in the six-ish hundred range that is well-built and reliable (and pretty) and will not crap out on me the second the warranty runs out?

Leave your helpful piece of advice in the comments and you could find yourself the winner of a lovely laptop-shaped paperweight! Don't delay, act today!           


  1. I was going to tell you about my huge-screen, g-series laptop that I recently got... but it's HP, so you'll laugh. But it's really pretty awesome, it really is.

    1. I believe you, Dawn. But the key there is "that I recently got." Get back to me in a year and a half and let me know how awesome it still is.

  2. Lenovos are well built and priced fair. I've had one that has just kept plugging despite very heavy use. I have a custom built Dell that I absolutely love but I did get a 3 year extended warranty. It's going into its 3rd year now and hasn't had any problems despite the fact that I am constantly dropping it or bashing it into door frames...

  3. I would suggest either Dell or Toshiba only because myself and several people that I know have/have had them for over 5 years and they keep banging on. I also have a HP and would support your decision to stay well away from them


  4. I would go with an Acer or a Samsung. Never ever get a Dell. *shudder*

  5. vaio! i have one that is slightly smaller in screen size than a reg. laptop (not as small as notebook, though), it came with TWO batteries (one is a reg. 2-4 hr, the other is about 12 hrs), so i can switch out depending on how much i'll be actually carrying it. it weighs hardly anything. i've had it for about 2 yrs now and no problems. it was over a thousand bucks, though, but worth the extra $$$. oh it doesn't have cd drive, but it came with a free external drive (making it a lot lighter to carry).

  6. I would NEVER get a dell. My dell was terrible and pretty much sucked from the first time I took it out of the box - I called it the bastard. It crashed while loading up - I cannot support Dell.

    Other than that, I'm a mac girl now so I can't actually give any helpful hints except for past experiences in the land of Dell.

  7. I got a refurbished Dell about six years ago from the Dell website. It was my first laptop so maybe I'm just sentimental, but I still prefer it even though I have a mac now. It's sturdy, it's tough, it's parts are easy to replace. And I think it was about $400 with a year warranty. It's a Inspiron 6400 but it's been taken apart and dropped and abused and upgraded so I don't know what it would be called now.

    bonne chance!


  8. I wish I could help but I'm the last one to give advice on technical matters. Good luck.

  9. Get a Macbook Air. Everything else is hit or miss. I know you said you're not made of money, but I have never heard anyone regret getting a Mac. Also the Air is about $1299. But if you value the experience of having a machine that just works, it's worth it for the speed, lightness, and the fact that you never have to worry about viruses or other crap like that. I know you're thinking that's about twice your stated budget...but that's what credit cards are for. :) AND it'll have a higher resale value than anything else you might get.

  10. i have a dell that i purchased from, and it's served me faithfully for 3+ years so far. and, it was $600. i say go for dell!! good luck!

  11. Don't listen to the anti-Dells. They are all messed up.

    Dell - 14" Inspiron Laptop
    6GB Memory,500GB Hard Drive
    Model: I14RN-1593BK
    SKU: 4853134
    ENERGY STAR Qualified
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
    Technical details: 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor; 14" display; 6GB memory; 500GB hard drive
    Special features: Bluetooth; HDMI output

    Excellent peiece.

    Some have Blu-ray, too. A nice touch but not essential.


  12. I know you'll be shocked but you have stumbled upon a subject i know nothing about, (remember when that light on my coffee-maker went on and it took me months to figure out how to get it off and in the end i didn't even figure it out it just went off) i despise laptops, i like my big clunky thing at a desk so i can feel like Hemingway or something.

  13. I wouldn't get a Dell NOW. Years ago, sure. But the quality and customer service has gone to crap.

    Check out, usually some good deals there. I have an Asus, no complaints. Do not buy an Acer, they are the kind of computers you buy for a child because they're going to break anyway.

  14. I don't give a shit what you say, because I'm not made of money either and I say splurge on a Macbook Pro, because they are incredible.

    In 2005 I bought a $1300 Mac from Apple and a $10 phone from Target (that was how I rationalized the Mac), and I still use both every day as my main forms of communication, so whenever someone asks me about the best phones I say "Classic Nokia."

  15. Refurbished MacBook Air or refurb MacBook Pro. I'm currently using a MacBook Pro, and fully expect it to last me for years with no problems. When the MacBook Pro is next updated, I wouldn't be surprised to see refurbished models around $800. They are guaranteed the same as brand new computers.

  16. P.S. If I ever strayed back to PC-dom, I'd probably only consider a Lenovo. I have talked to chip makers/designers at IBM & Intel, and a lot of them use Lenovos.