Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why I ♥ Valentine's Day parties

Internet, last weekend I did something I had never in my adult life done before. 

I threw a party.

I know! Thirty-one years old and this was my very first time playing hostess. I'm pretty sure the last party I was involved in as anything other than guest was my 18th birthday party, and really, other than inviting all of my friends and acquaintances, I had very little to do with the hosting or planning of that event. You see, a long time ago in the twentieth century, in a land not so very far away, some friends of my parents graciously let me hold my birthday party on their rambling estate. They had an algae-green pool, volleyball nets, a ramshackle old barn with basketball hoops and rusty wheelchairs, a garage with a ping pong table, boom box and board games, and a musty cellar with a pool table, tiny old television, and a first-edition Atari, which was so retro it was just at the point of becoming cool again (plus, other people's toys are always more fun than your own). These grandparent-aged gentle-people then graciously retired to their own quarters, saying, "You don't want to hang out with the old folks." (Even though we totally would have hung out with the old folks.) Basically it was the best party ever. My first ever grown-up party would have a lot to live up to. 

But, with Valentine's Day providing a convenient excuse to deck my walls in streamers and hearts, and my sister and her friend acting as handy little helpers, my apartment was transformed into a pink and red wonderland:   

Do not dismay, for there are three more walls to my apartment, and lo, they were all covered in foam hearts. It was truly a sight to behold.

To refresh us, I made champagne punch, spinach and artichoke dip, meatballs, and gougèresAnd? My good friend Erin made an appearance, the only guest in attendance who was also present at my 18th birthday party, all those years ago. That makes me happy. (You should definitely click on that link, by the way, if you want to reminisce about one of my wildest experiences, and which, depending on your wildness threshold is not actually that wild, which if you are new to this blog should tell you something my relative level of (non)wildness.) 

Also making me happy?  

What's that, you ask? A mallard? Or should I say...a decorative wooden water fowl??? It may not be a swan, but it sure did crack me up. And to think I was worried about revealing my secret blogging identity to my neighbors. (Thanks for the housewarming gift, neighbors!)  

Hope your Valentine's Day was just ducky, Internet.     


  1. For some reason, I read the title as "Why I <3 Valentine's Day panties. And I was thinking I was in for an entirely different sort of post.

    Your party looks like it was awesome. I wish I had been to there.

  2. Suzette from CanadaFebruary 15, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    I would love to have been at your party!

    Also, I LOVE the duck. I had a wooden mallard telephone that would "quack" instead of ring...No shit.

  3. Suzette! My aunt and uncle had that same phone at their country house in Ste. Agathe! Must be a Canadian thing. :)

    1. Suzette from CanadaFebruary 16, 2012 at 8:20 AM

      Hello Dawn! Sounds like us Canucks are "quackers"..lol...Sorry could not resist. I think I'll take a look on ebay for that phone, the nostalgia has gotten to me :)

  4. Once when i was living in Ocean City i took a bunch of acid and went to this girl's party i went to Podunk U. with, i ended up hanging off the second floor balcony and then drinking a ton of beer and on my way out i took a bunch of wooden ducks from the condo she rented, needless to say she tracked me down at my roominghouse and took them back, mumbled something about a deposit and i think i ruined my chances of sleeping with her, bummer, the memories spurred by ducks, huh.

  5. The duck phone must be a Canadian thing...we had one in our rec room when I was growing up.

    Now we have a hand carved wooden loon on top of our television cabinet in our family room...sadly, it does not have a phone built in that has a loon call. That would be way cool if it existed...every phone call would remind me of sitting on a dock up north listening to the loons...

  6. The Hello Kitty valentines are a nice touch.

  7. There were hearts everywhere! Rachel, your parties have some of the best conversation ever. We got to talk about super-string theory! and daschounds! and interpersonal boundaries! Thanks for once again risking the shelter of my wingwoman abilities :)

    Do click the link. That was another fun holiday.