Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why I wish every bad date could turn out this well

There are many things women can bond over, for instance a shared love of travel, or similar taste in shoes. But there is a very special kind of bonding that occurs between two women who have just met and who suddenly and unexpectedly discover that they have both dated the same man.

Shock is followed by disbelief, which is followed by, "Tell me everything. No, you first." And it may have been a French meet-up, but for once the French thing was not happening, not for this kind of dirt. We huddled at the bar whispering in English, casting furtive glances and hoping that no one would guess either the topic of our conversation (after all, quel petit monde!) or the language we were sneakily indulging in. 

I had only gone out with him once; it was, in fact, the Frenchie from the terrifyingly awkward date and motorcycle ride from hell. She, however, had not gotten off so easily, and was still somewhat unwillingly entangled, it seemed. Apparently, I really "dodged a bullet" there. (Me: "That's so funny, because usually I tend to throw myself directly in the path of speeding bullets. First time for everything!") 

Apparently this guy had been laying it on pretty thick, saying that prior to her, he hadn't gone on "a single date" since his divorce, that he had "never" messaged anyone through Meetup before, and, well. Whoops. Besides a propensity for telling lies of the little and white variety, he was also possessed of several other less than charming personality traits, and so she had been trying to end things with him for a while. But our encounter gave her the little extra nudge she needed to put an end to it once and for all, she said. (Yup, just call me the anti-Cupid.)

But, it turns out that this story has a happy ending after all, because she and I are hanging out this weekend! She wants to see Jeff Mangum with me! We don't have tickets! But I am still really excited! (And since I told her about my blog, for the sake of my own dignity I am imposing a moratorium on all further exclamation points. Period. Ellipsis.)        


  1. Talk about turning a sow's ear into a silk purse.

  2. He's playing two nights in dc, get there early and get a damn ticket (or tickets) will ya.

  3. Wow! Well yay for new friends! :)

  4. Hahaha wait, how does this come up? Are you like, "Ugh, dates are the worst amiright? One time this guy totally tried to con me into watching a movie at his house after he tried to kill me on his motorcycle!" And she replies, "wait, I had that EXACT SAME DATE."

    Seriously, I am wondering. Also, has this ever happened before? The one time this happened to me, I pretended that I didn't know the girl (even though I did) and I was very cold toward, maybe this is why you're better at making friends.

    Okay, last point. Isn't it awesome to have this happen because you can see what would've happened had you chosen another path? It's like getting a peak into another dimension of your life!


    Some of my closest friends were met out of chance.
    Enjoy the new friendship!

  6. What an uncanny and FABULOUS way to make a new friend. I think you two are bonded for life!

    Sigh. Every time I read your blog posts I just DESIRE to be able to write the way you do. Bravo.