Monday, October 17, 2011

Why you can have at it with your crazy cat lady cliches. I can take it.

becca: u need a puppy. u would be happier.
me: oh i know. nothing like being gone 10 hours a day to make you need a puppy.
becca: well u need a dog walker too
me: one day, when i'm rich and happy
becca: paha
me: besides, i'm too unstable. always plotting my next move
becca: scruffy says hello. he would like to know what you had for dinner 
me: aww. i needa scruff
becca: u do though. someone happy to see u come home.
me: cat?
becca: cats are such a crapshoot. they aren't so much happy to see you
me: guys are always shooting me down when i tell them i want to get a cat. like, the two guy friends i've talked to about it are really adamantly against it. 
becca: HAHAHA. maybe u shouldn't. man repellent.
me: that would ensure i remain single forever, i guess. although sometimes certain guys tell you that and then these certain guys go and fall for some crazy chick with...guess what...a cat! and have the cat over for visits at their apartment! and stuff
becca: ur the rule, not the exception
me: i know, man. but maybe that's how i'll know if a guy really likes me. if he likes me in spite of my cat
becca: but rach. there are so many other things to like you in spite of.
me: ...

Who needs haters when you have a sister, amiright? 


  1. I think a cat or two is a great idea.

    Also, I know tons of guys (mine including) who have cats.

    Screw cliches. Something warm and cozy to love on will is awesome.

    Now- if you get 4 cats... we'll need to talk.

  2. You should get a cat, though. They can handle being left alone for longer periods without the same anxiety that dogs experience and I promise they don't ALL want to steal your breath while you sleep.

  3. I once knew a girl who had five INDOOR CATS. Don't do that. But one little cuddle fur ball? The best medicine ever. Get a boy cat though. Girl cats are aloof bitches. No joke.

  4. Cats are the way to go for your lifestyle. I've had cats around since I was born. They're easy to carry for, you can leave them for a couple of days, and they're happy to see you when you get back.

    I had two cats (sisters) before I met my wife and kids, and they were great company. They've recently passed away (boo!) and we adopted two more (brother and sister) and they're great pets to have around.

    If you're thinking about a cat, I really recommend finding a Maine Coon. All the benefits of a cat, but with affection of a dog that follows you around. I've had three, and Maine Coons are best pets I've had. They're affectionate, great temperment, always around you, and faithful pets.

  5. One cat is just fine, but don't become one of those cat ladies who end up living in a bus with a hundred of them. One cat is just enough to keep you from getting squirelly.

  6. I love cats. Some of the cutest single guys I know are allergic to cats. Abe doesn't like them.

    I have a Bailey instead.

  7. hahahahahahaha! I love this. What a great line.

  8. First, I am envious and now want a sister. I need to find some sort of place to apply for one.

    Secondly, you should totally take my cat. Really. He's so needy, he makes our lab seem aloof. As in, frantically throws himself at you for cuddles and actually likes to be picked up and held. :)