Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Why you can take this job and...push it?

I recently picked up a couple translation projects (that were passed on to me by a reader! Thanks Elliott!) Around the same time I stumbled on this girl's Youtube channel and found her hilarious and scarily accurate video representation of what the translation process is like:

Pajamas? check. Mug of tea? check. One browser tab opened on Facebook and one on And here I was thinking I was original.

The fun and games and working from home couldn't last forever, though, and today found me at my new temp job at the posh law firm. I coded 38,000 lines of data in an Excel spreadsheet, with a Y (for yes), N (for no), or ? (for wtf?) Thirty-eight thousand lines, people, oh my gah. In case you were wondering where exactly that falls on the slit-your-wrists scale of temporary employment, it was...what's the word? catastrophic? calamitous? Oh, right. I felt dreadful. I think what I'm trying to say is, I would rather be translating.    


  1. But how great is it that you found work?!?! That's fabulous! (Especially in this lousy economy.) Good going, Rachel! (And YAY!!! to Elliott!)

  2. You beat excel file I've been working on for budgets is only a few hundred lines long and about 20 wide. It's all formula driven and a mess to deal with. Remind me why I went to school for 5 years, wrote a professional exam over 4 days that had less than a 50% pass rate??? <>

    On the bright side, there should be translation pages coming shortly. Lucky for you, I've managed to piss off the Quebec government and they repay me by sending the correspondence in French.

  3. That video is a classic. Dancing in my pajamas to the Police? Yeah. I get that. lol

    Also? TEMPING SUCKS! I hope you find a cushy desk job soon.

  4. Love the video. As a writer I can sympathize with the struggle to find the right word. I also work from home and there are definite pluses and minuses.

  5. sometimes, work is work is work. fills the bank account or at least keeps those pesky bill collectors at bay.

    did you happen to notice the doco recommendation i sent to you?

  6. Grumpy--I didn't have time to reply, but I did get the recommendation. I added it to my Netflix queue and even bumped it up to the top, just for you. I'll let you know when I watch it.