Friday, August 5, 2011

Why I'm calling this an "adjustment period"

I moved out of my old apartment in Mythaca on Saturday. On Monday I moved into my new one in DC. It wasn't until Thursday that the glums hit. The oh-my-god-what-have-I-dones. Pacing around this apartment of barely controlled chaos, with too many cardboard boxes and not enough furniture, and no tv and no internet (make Rachel something something.)

The view from my old bedroom window was all baby deer and bunny rabbits.

Also chipmunks, squirrels, woodpeckers, and towards the end of my stay, sometimes a very shy red fox.

Here, though, it's not even worth the effort to look out the window, the horizontal blinds competing with the vertical iron bars on the other side, but if you were to peer very carefully through the cross-hatching you would be rewarded with a view of the scenic back alley. As far as I can determine, it's where people go to yell loudly at each other, and sometimes to take out the trash.

When I moved in, there was an over-powering sewer smell. I don't smell it anymore, but did it go away, or am I just used to it? The upstairs neighbors have very, very creaky floorboards, and the water here is either warm or hot, but never, ever cold. The air conditioning is crazy loud.

Oh, woe.     


  1. I have a feeling I'll be going through the same adjustment period in a few weeks when we move to the Alps. Sure, the view might be better, but it's an old building and we've already been warned about the thin floors and walls. Oh, and considering it's France, my internet will be hooked up anywhere from 1-6 months after we call to switch it over.

    Hang in there..the apartment might not be stellar, but the city looks fun and you have yet to meet people. You might not end up spending all that much time in your new place!

  2. I know apartment hunting sucks, but you can always move. Just think of this place as temporary. And now that your parents are close by, you can always escape over there...not for a home cooked meal, of course, but at least for some quiet time. Wait until they're gone and just go sit in the living room, absorbing it!

  3. It will get better. I hate change, too.

    You need some plants. It'll make your place feel less stark and more organic. And sun catchers for the windows - then at least the light coming through the windows will be pretty and you'll have them to focus on, instead of the crappy view.

  4. It always takes a while to adjust to a new place. After we first bought this place I remember crying and telling my husband to call the realtor and ask for a take back. The rain was too loud. The house too empty. The view and the neighbors not what I wanted. Now? I have days where I look at other houses and days I love it and wonder how we can make it work longer.

    Maybe you just need to have a housewarming time with friends? Alcohol and gifts!

  5. rach! congrats on the new place, even if you're still adjusting. it'll be awesome i'm sure ! now the all important question: is there a sofa for me to sleep on!?

  6. Mol--Of course! You're welcome any time. :)

  7. Hi, I love your blog!
    It is such an inspiration. I started my own blog and I would love you to check it out and if possible follow it, even. :)

  8. Hey girlie,
    Come out with DateMeDC and I Friday night!! Do it!

  9. Please keep me/us updated on your adjustment. I'm sure it'll get better, but (especially since I'm doing a similar move in 6 weeks) I'm very curious to hear how it all goes.