Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why it's a dog's life

Things are going no better on the apartment front (and yes, Kono, this is another post about apartment hunting, and at this rate you might as well get used to it). One apartment was yanked off the market between the time the ad was posted and when I was scheduled to view it the next day; another received such an overwhelming response that by the time I showed up to look at it, the owner decided the right and just thing to do would be to up the rent by a cool $250 a month, thus tipping the balance from probably affordable, just barely, to ha, in your dreams can you afford to pay that much for rent. After a "difficult" decision, the owner of yet another apartment decided to go with the other candidate, and my e-mails in regards to at least two other apartments are currently going unanswered. It is tough out there, is what I am saying.

As such, I am still at my parents' house, after not having planned on being here much longer than a long weekend, rotating the same two outfits and doing teeny tiny loads of laundry every couple of days. Besides apartment hunting, I've been spending my time being bored and lazing about in the hammock in the backyard. Which was all well and good, and from there I had a good vantage point of a robin doing its robin thing in its nest right above me, and hummingbirds flitting around the mimosa tree, and about a million gnats endearing themselves to me around my face and eyes, until! I walked out in the backyard the other day to find this travesty:
Hide your eyes, it's hideous! Oh, the humanity. "But what...what happened?" I gasped, once I found breath to speak. It would seem that someone, clearly intent on destroying my happiness, tore into it with the gear shift of a riding mower, thus rendering it--"totally fixable!" Says my mother, beginning knot-tier and lifelong cheapskate. The thing is, there is a pretty severe disconnect in this house between things that can, in theory, be fixed, and things that actually will be fixed in this decade, or ever. One the one hand, you have pretty much everything; on the other, next to nothing.

But enough about my very important problems. On to The Cute.  

A Dog and His Bone: The Life and Times of a Scruffdog         

Busted hammock, busted screen door, and plastic bucket o' water on porch. Because that is how we roll in this house.

Play dead, Deucey! Good boy.

'Cause everyone needs a "duck" buddy. Friends with bonefits?

Can you imagine the insanity this blog would devolve into if I had pets of my own? I mean, can you? Let's all hope I find an apartment and get out of my parents' house soon, or I'm afraid we're in for more posts like this one.

And since some of you have already made your displeasure known (ahem), what do you think I should write about, Internet? What would you like to know? Post suggestions welcome!  


  1. Do one of those 30 Day Challenges! (but I'll add that I don't mind what you post about and look forward to reading!

  2. Bella--What kind of 30 day challenge? Do you mean like a fitness challenge? Or just any kind of challenge with a 30 day goal?

  3. You know i love you now don't you? I only had to give you shit cuz well you know you gave me shit and right now, as we speak, i'm trying to out bore people on the lounge, not that anyone actually reads those run-on sentences, but as John Rambo once said, "you drew first blood", you just get on with yo bad self and don't worry about jerks like that Kono character... and good luck with the apt. hunting.

  4. I don't actually mind hearing about apartments, apartment hunting - or complaints for that matter. Call me crazy. If you've ever read my blog, you already have.

  5. Those dogs are so cute! What kind are they? The little one looks like a chihuahua mix...and you can post as many pet pics as you want. You know I don't mind ;)

    I can't believe that apartment hunting in DC is shaping up to be as difficult as apartment hunting in Paris. Good luck and I hope you find something nice soon!

  6. I'm good with more dog photos!

    If I had a blog, it would be "All Artie, All the Time." I'm obsessed with my dog and I'm happy to be obsessed with yours (even though they're not yours).

    I hope the apartment search starts working in your favor. On that note, this is (hopefully) good news for me: We've had no luck selling our house (4.5 months and counting, with no offers) and I was wondering what the rental market would be like. If it's anything like it is there, I can stop (kind of) worrying (kind of). It would just be a different kind of worry with tenants living in *my* house, but that worry is better than that of carrying two mortgages.

    Oh? This blog isn't about my house concerns? Yeah. Carry on with the pooch pics. And some good news about an apartment score would be nice, too, of course.

  7. Crystal--They're both chihuahua mixes.

    Dawn--Maybe you could find some nice OCD person to rent your house, who will take (obsessively) good care of it. Or maybe just your average, run of the mill clean freak, like me. Good luck!

  8. See, Rachel, this is why I wish that there had been a perfect job for you in CT. I'd have NO worries with YOU in my house. OCD is a good thing. It really, really is.

  9. Dawn--One landlord was telling me she wanted to insert a "no hoarding" clause in the lease. Haha! Apparently she had been watching a bit of reality tv.

  10. Write you want, I'll always read :)

    Gah, apartment hunting still? How annoying. Good luck!

  11. Who knew that apartment hunting would be like job hunting?! Argh. I'm shocked that it's so difficult. I'm not looking forward to the search in London. Cute doggies! You haven't done a hair post in a while (hee hee, I'm indulgent and girly like that)... What the status of the hair? Bangs? No bangs? Growing it out?

  12. Oneika--Doing a sideswept bang thing at the moment. Not sure it's worth getting the camera out and doing a whole post about it, but I will keep it in mind if I get especially desperate. ;)

  13. How about a list of all the guys you are seeing--30 in 30 days, and all that. Who stays over and surprises dad in the shower, who drops you off two blocks from the house, etc. I bet you haven't even seen an apartment! :)

  14. I love those hoarder shows! Well, not the animal hoarders -- they just make me too sad.

    And Mob Wives. And Celebrity Rehab. I wonder if that landlord has clauses for them too.

  15. Just a bit of advice on apartment hunting -- I don't have that much experience with it, and perhaps you're already doing this, but friends and I have both had more luck just walking around neighborhoods we like and seeing "for lease" signs in windows -- these are usually apartments with small off-the-cuff landlords who happen to have property and aren't that comfortable with the internet or don't want to worry with posting stuff online. Sometimes they also live in the area and will be willing to meet you right away...

    Just a thought. Good luck!!


  16. Okay, so you've totally turned me off of D.C. Once, long ago (a year ago) when G mentioned maybe working for the pentagon eventually I thought, "Awesome, we could live in D.C. and go to the museums and restaurants and jazz bars..." Now, I'm thinking, no way in hell. I don't have the patience to deal with apartment hunting like that (well, patience, and the ability to not push someone out a window if I really wanted that apartment, thereby landing in jail).

    Love the dogs, they are too cute. But if I had to stay with my parents for anything more than a long weekend by myself I'd probably have issues (see above). Hope you find something soon!

  17. "Friends with bonefits" cracked me up. My headache and I needed a good laugh. Thank you!