Sunday, July 24, 2011

Why it's a blog world after all

Friday was a banner day here in Mythaca. I finally got to swim in (near, around) a waterfall! I didn't take any pictures myself, but I can assure you it looked pretty much exactly like this:

It was gorgeous and hot and the water a balmy 78 degrees. Also, crowded, but what can you do.

And, not only that, but I had my very first blogger sighting! I spotted the adorable family from the blog NYC Taught Me also enjoying the day at the falls and then spent the remainder of afternoon gaping and elbowing my friend Cara in the ribs as if there was a celebrity in our midst. Which there was, as far as I was concerned. Cara continued talking as if it were nothing, while I craned my neck and mhmm-ed absently. "It's like seeing someone you've seen on t.v. in real life!" I marveled to her. "Right here, in Mythaca! What are the chances?" 

"Rachel, it's just someone with a blog," she replied, clearly not comprehending. "Why don't you go say hi?" I waffled for a bit, ultimately deciding to leave them alone to enjoy their day sans overtures from an overly excited, bathing suit-clad stranger. 

Have any of you ever spotted a blogger "in the wild?" If you did, would you say hello? (By the way, if any of you ever see me anywhere, you'd better say hi! Four years of blogging and I have yet to be spotted. Believe me, you would make my year!) 

UPDATE: I left a comment on her blog, and she mentioned me in her post about Mythaca! Check it out! 


  1. You should have said hi! It probably would have made her day (or her year!) like it would if someone recognized you!

    Maybe you'll get another chance before you leave Mythaca.

    Hope you are enjoying the balmy weather over's cold and rainy in Paris :(

  2. I have had a few blogger sightings and meetups! I met a blogger called Fly Brother while he was in Hong Kong on his around the world trip two years ago. I'm hoping to meet up with the lovely Crystal above at some point in Canadia this summer as well!! I'm going to Chile this fall and scheduled and will hopefully meet up with a couple of bloggers there. If I saw you in person I would definitely run up to you since you know I exist, but I ran into a blogger in HK a couple of times but never approached her as I'd never commented on her blog before. I didn't want her to get creeped out by me!

  3. I've seen different bloggers 2 times (Paris) - Both times I felt like I should say "Hi" but then I thought I might come across as a stalker. It's sort of funny that I know them but they don't know me. Maybe I need to start a blog.

  4. I see myself every once in a while in the mirror as I pass. If I'm in the right mood, I'll throw myself the "hey now, it's you!" thumbs up/pointer combo, and mirror me ALWAYS reciprocates. I know how to appreciate my fans.

  5. Thanks for your comment the other day on my blog...I've been bad at keeping it up lately since I am 1. Pregnant with baby # 2. 2. i have a 2 year old running around. 3. We were on vaca and plan to go again in 2 weeks for 3 weeks!!! 4. I am lazy ;-)

    I need to see more photos of you to be able to say hi when I am walking the streets of DC while visiting my family ;-) But I def would say hi ;-)