Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why maybe I should give comic books another chance

Speaking of the games some women feel the need to play in order to convince men to seal the deal, so to speak, here's one I hadn't considered before. Apparently all I need to do is learn how to speak geek. Who knew it was just that easy?


  1. That = hilarious.

    Thank you for the light-heartedness after last post's depress-fest. Ugh please stop listening to Pete...he always leaves our the one, cheesy yet important! or am I just hopelessly naive...

  2. Dear C,

    No, you're not just hopelessly naive. You're a hopelessly naive woman in love. :)

    Maybe love is like bigfoot. It's hard to believe in until you have actual, empirical proof that it exists. It looks like you're a believer. :)


  3. Guys love a woman who can speak a foreign language. You should learn French or something. Then at Starbucks you casually lean over to the guy at the next table and say, "Donnez-moi le sucre." Baby in 10 months. Guaranteed.


  4. I love the video. Yay for funny!

    hugs, etc!

    P.S. My word verification is "numbled" which is my new favorite made-up word. Maybe it could mean "the feeling you get after reading the comments on the last post"?

  5. It's a lie. I'm fluent in Geek and it's just a blatant lie. Men do not like it when you know more about a male-dominated field than they do. They don't find it impressive or sexy. They're basically just a pack of fucking liars. They also don't like it when you aren't hot. Men are stupid. You are not stupid.

    end rant.

  6. I'm now a reader of your great blog. How did I not know this existed!