Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why my life is a joke

This video is called Hipster Dating, but really, it works equally well if you take out the hipster and call it Humans Dating, so universal are its themes. Other equally viable titles: Rachel Dating, or, Why Oh Why Am I Still Dating?, or, Oh My God, Someone Made A Cartoon Of My Life; Is There Any Way I Can Get Royalties From This? 
"We have an unbelievable connection and I have a karmic need to see where this is going."
"Ok. Then when do you want to get together?"
"I just met you, and I don't understand why you are inquiring about my schedule."
"You are fucking weird, bro."
 It's funny. Watch it.


  1. That was so uncomfortable...and like so many dates my friends have been on. Ugh. It's funny because it's true.