Friday, May 27, 2011

Why I need GPS

You know what's just terrible? Trying to get home and driving 45 miles in the wrong direction. Snapping out of your six-hour driving coma, glancing at the clock and thinking, "Hmm, should be just about home by now..." Then looking slowly around and saying, "...Um, where am I?" Answer? Nowhere near home. Do you know what forty-five miles in one direction plus the exact same forty-five miles in the other direction equals? About a ten-minute string of expletives, for one thing. Followed by another seventy minutes of jaw-grinding and forehead-smacking and full bladder wiggle-dancing. 

I spent four days at my parents' house this week, and some of you may already know how I feel about that. On the plus side, there was deliciously sunny, hot weather, and this!:

("I like it except for the commentary," my sister said after watching it, wrinkling her nose in disgust. Which...ok. It's...not my best work. You may wish to watch the following with the sound off. You have been warned.)

This here is the little guy known as Deuce Magoose.

And this is the vicious Scruffster.

They're alright, when they're not chewing shoes, or the lid of every plastic container I had packed in my bag to bring back with me.

Anyway, I got back to Mythaca eight hours after I left Maryland this morning (grumble mutter), dressed in shorts and sleeveless top and sandals, all of which had been perfectly appropriate for the summery Maryland weather. When I finally I stepped out of the car it was into a cloudy haze with temperatures hovering around 60 degrees.

Sigh. Welcome...home?  


  1. The video and dog photos are awesome. The one with the him?her? yawning is great. What kind of dog are they? Are they related to each other? I always ask my dog why he's being "so cute" too...even Max will ask in his French accent "are you so cute Peeench?"

    Sorry you got least you didn't up crossing the Mexican border.

  2. I'd get lost on my own street without a GPS. I wish that I was kidding.

    The pups are adorable -- I especially like Scruffster's attitude.

  3. They're chihuahuas, or mostly. Scruffy must have something else, too. Not related, though they play-fight like actual siblings.

  4. And, though I didn't end up in Mexico, I was actually legitimately worried for a while that I might end up in your homeland, Crystal. :)

  5. That last picture of Scruffster is hilarious!

    I couldn't live without my GPS. The thing that made me finally get one, was me getting lost for two hours, in the mountains. While being lost, I also got a flat tire. When I finally made it home, I went out and bought one and never looked back.

  6. Gah! I hate when this happens. I once missed my exit on the way home and it's about a 40 minute drive to the next exit. I was not happy.

    Hope the temperatures get warmer!