Friday, March 18, 2011

Why there's plenty of sunshine heading my way

This morning I got in the car, and out of habit, poised my finger to change the radio station to the usual NPR doom and gloom report. I have my routine, you see, and it goes NPR in the morning, and music in the afternoon. But my finger hovered over the button for a minute as I listened to the song playing, and then it moved away. I had just caught the last minute or so of the song, but it had a good beat, and I found myself bopping along to it as I drove. You should listen to it, too:

Then the next song came on, and, man oh man, what was this feeling coming over me? My mouth was stretching involuntarily into a smile, and I had a warm, funny feeling inside. Could it, could I be...happy?

All the footage in this video was filmed at Mythaca College and Mythaca Falls, by the way, so you should totally watch it.

So yes, I've had a bluebird on my shoulder all day today, and maybe it's the 60 degree weather, and maybe it's that it's Friday, and maybe it's that today was my last day at the middle school, and thus filled with surprise cookies and cake and cards and heart-felt thank yous, and that everything the kids today did was adorable and not at all annoying. I was in such a good mood I accidentally smiled at my cafeteria lady arch-nemesis, who hates me for no good reason and has had it in for me since my very first day. By the time I realized I was smiling at her, instead of carefully avoiding eye contact, like I usually do, it was too late. She looked...startled, to say the least. Whoops, I thought to myself. And then, No, good. Kill them with kindness, I thought. Yes, I will kill them all with kindness! Well, not literally, of course. But man, it feels good to smile, once in a while.

So, yes, any of the above might be the reason for my spring fever, or it just might be that a very nice, very tall guy is making dinner for me at this very moment. And now I am going all out of order, because the last time you heard from me, my feelings about said guy ranged from a smidge annoyed to just merely ambivalent, at best. And you know I hate to ruin a perfectly good story with a plot spoiler, but sometimes it can't be helped. I'll fill in some more detail later, but for now, it's the weekend, and I'm happy.

Happy, happy, weekend, everyone.        


  1. I'm thrilled when you're happy! Enjoy your sweet weekend.

  2. Zipiddy doo dah to you! Have a great weekend. :-)


  4. Yay! Have a great weekend with the tall drink of water who is freakin' cooking for you!

  5. Best wishes coming your way :)

  6. Awesome! I am sucker for a tall guy. My husband is 6'5.