Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Why just like Aretha said, it's in his kiss

Ok, where did I leave off...? So, he picked me up in the middle of a raging snowstorm, and we went to dinner. And it was...fine. We ate some tacos, we talked a bit, and he had me back home again not an hour and twenty minutes after we had left. Not horrible, but not exactly anything to write home about either. So, I was a bit surprised when he texted me minutes after dropping me off, telling me he had had a great time, and he would love to see me again sometime. Sure, I replied. I mean, why not, right? 

And then he began texting me all the blessed time. Texts in the morning, texts at night, and everything in between. Man, these boys sure do love their texting, I thought. He wanted to know what was up, how I was doing, my favorite color, and if I liked any sports. It all got to be a bit much, and finally I just said, Look, I'm better at this kind of thing in person than I am over text

Ok. When can I see you again? he replied.

Probably next weekend, I said.

And so, other than one or two more just checking in-type texts throughout the course of the week, I didn't hear much at all from him until Friday afternoon, when he proposed this: Do you want to drink some wine and watch a movie tonight? I paused. I had no idea how to answer that question. No, I absolutely do not want to drink wine and watch a movie with you tonight would have been honest, but maybe a bit too abrupt. How about, That sounds great, but not with you? Or, not with you yet, anyway. I mean, I barely knew the guy, and already he was angling for a couch date? Who are these guys these days, I wondered, who take you out on one date and then think they can get in your pants? And was there any way I could say what I actually wanted--No, I want you to take me out on a real date--without coming across as some kind of high maintenance Rules-type girl? I needed backup on this one, and so I picked up my phone and called my friend Pete.

"Well, you have a few options," he said. "You can say 'no, that's a terrible idea, let's do something else,' or you can say that you can't tonight, and propose an alternate activity for tomorrow, or you can just say that you think it's a bit soon for that, and then suggest something else for tonight." 

"Wait, I can say that? I can say it's a bit soon for that? That's ok? It's not too...?" 

"Of course you can say that. If a guy likes you he's going to want to see you, and he won't care what you do."

"So I can say, 'I think it's a bit soon for that, how about we go drink wine at this wine bar instead?'" 


And so that's just what I did. Luke, as predicted, did not have a problem with that. When we arrived the place was packed full of middle-aged jazzercisers (for real, I asked), and yet we still managed to snag the best seat in the house, planting ourselves on the couch right in front of the fireplace. We talked, we flirted, we drank too much wine. In other words, it was pretty much perfect. The place emptied and we finally made our way out, too. In the parking lot, saying our goodbyes, there was no hesitation--he leaned down, and he kissed me. And it was good! Oh heavens, hallelujah, it was good! 

"I have to go to my parents' house to help my dad out tomorrow," he said. "But have lunch with me before I go?"

In my swoony, post-kiss state I probably would have agreed to anything, and so, "Mmmhmm," I replied. 

And so we did, going to the little restaurant on the lake that he had proposed for our first date. "Can I see you tomorrow, on my way back from my parents' house?" he asked. And for some reason, I said yes again. It's what he says at the end of most of our dates. "Can I see you tomorrow?" Sometimes I say no, but a lot of the time I say yes. More and more I say yes.


  1. Good on you for setting the pace!!!! You control when/how/where the dating starts to get intimate, not him.

    Sounds like he has some manners though. I like that he asks you if he can see you again.

    Good luck.

  2. My favorite part of your post: "He LEANED DOWN, and he kissed me." (emphasis added)*
    That says it all, doesn't it?

    *Sorry taking a break from writing papers :) can you tell?

  3. Ma petite ricaine--I know, that was my favorite part too. :)

  4. YAY!!!!

    Solve my confusion, will you... Is this before or after he made you the scallop dinner? I'm on zero sleep and want to have my chronology set straight.

  5. I concur with Dawn.
    What about the scallops, and how do they feet in the chronology?!
    Or maybe it is a roman fiction!

    Sinon, vraiment contente pour toi, naturellement!

  6. I meant 'fit' of course :))

  7. Dawn and Blenche--Sorry, this was before he cooked dinner.

  8. Aw, Sounds like great dates. And I like that he is communicative about wanting to see you lots and lots!

  9. Like a real chick, this little story made my heart leap all romantic-like. So ya, I haven't commented in a long time but have been reading for years and years, dearest Rachel. One of these days you're going to get all engaged/married like Georgia and then whatever will I read? Kidding. I'm really happy for this new little romance in your life.

  10. I love the first few dates with someone new and the anticipation of the first kiss. This guy sounds like a good one...I hope things work out for you :)

  11. Louise, I've missed ya! Thanks for the comment, you're the best. :)

  12. Oooh! Watch out for those good kissers. You'll end up marrying them.

  13. Man, I fucking hate it when guys ask you a yes or no question after a good surprise kiss.

    "Ever done it in a truck bed?" "Yes. I mean--NO."

    "Would you like to go see Avatar tomorrow night?"

    "Wanna go to a strip club?"

    It's just not fair. It's like they have a book or something.

  14. Send the wedding invitations by email. Cheaper and faster.


  15. Wonderful story! I am very happy for you!