Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Why it may be rocky, but it's a start

Ok, no one freak out or anything, but I am maybe, kind of, sort of, a little bit seeing someone. If you happened to read the comments on this post, you'll have noticed that Kalee predicted, "You do know that now that you've posted this that both are suddenly going to think about you and call, right?" And she was right! Or, half right. In any case, not three hours after hitting publish on the very post in which I lambasted the two guys in question, and in fact every man alive or who ever has lived, my phone beeped. Twelve days after his last text, Luke now wanted to know if I had plans for the day, and if I was interested in getting some dinner with him. I had my reply handy for just such an event, having spent the previous week honing the perfectly pointed response: I would probably have said yes two weeks ago, but I've pretty much lost interest by now, sorry. Or, no! I would not say sorry, because I had nothing to apologize for! So there! Except...I didn't say that. Though it might have felt good for a minute, there was still the chance I would have to interact with him in a professional capacity, and I thought it best not to end on a dodged-the-bullet, girl-be-crazy note. Instead I replied noncommittally, I might be able to do that. What did you have in mind?

I don't know, I hadn't gotten that far yet, LOL, he replied. You pick.

Already vaguely annoyed that he had picked now, of all times, to ask me out, after I had already written him off for good, and after I had already blogged about it for heaven's sake, my blood now started to boil. Hadn't gotten that far yet? He had two weeks to think about it! And now he had the nerve to ask me out and then place all the responsibility for the date on me? I didn't think so. It doesn't matter to me, I replied. You think about it and let me know.

When I got back from yoga class a few hours later, I had two text messages waiting for me. In the mood for anything specific? he asked. My blood pressure rose again. Just pick a place, I mentally pleaded with him. It's not that hard. Happily, in the next text, he did just that, and suggested a little restaurant on the lake several miles out of town. Which, great. Except. It had been snowing all day. It had been snowing a lot, all day. So much so that we had a snow day at school the next day, and believe me, they never close the schools here. Having just returned from yoga class, I knew the roads in town were in bad shape, let alone the roads outside of town. It seemed like a lot of places were closing up shop and going into hibernation mode, so would this little restaurant in the middle of nowhere even be open, I wondered? I decided to call to find out, and it was a good thing I had, because sure enough, they were closing early. Growing steadily more annoyed that the responsibility for this date was falling more and more squarely on my unwilling shoulders, I texted him with the news. So, where do you think we should go? he asked.

Argh! I wanted to scream. Let's just go downtown and we can decide when we get there, I said. Though normally I would have met him downtown, I accepted his offer to pick me up, since he mentioned he had four-wheel drive, and I had no desire to get behind the wheel on those messy roads again. Once we arrived downtown, he appeared similarly aimless and indecisive. "Let's just go to Viva," I suggested, and, not really being in a position to disagree, he agreed. As we walked, I did some quick, first date mental math: so that was minus one for waiting so fricking long to ask me out, plus one for picking me up, and another minus one for not being able to pick a restaurant. So far, it was not looking promising for Luke... 


  1. Hang on a minute! You told me in the comments that the dinner was not worth blogging about... but you started this post saying that you are "maybe, kind of, sort of, a little bit seeing someone."

    Did you speak too soon in the comments, or is this going to end in a way that will piss me off and make me want to smack Luke to within an inch of his life?

  2. Dawn--Dinner was not worth blogging about. But it was also not so terrible that I wouldn't go out on another date.

    As for your second question, I guess only time will tell.

  3. I have been checking in every day with bated breath to see what the hell happened. Finally.

    Hmm, yeah, I don't do the "ask me out and then leave it up to me" thing. Drives me batty. I'm married and I still don't put up with that shit. You want to go on a date night, you do the planning. Grrr.

    So I hope he redeems himself. Why is it that boys have such a hard time turning into men?

  4. I guess I'll keep reading, then, Rachel. (As if I'd stop...!)

  5. Oh Luke-y boy. This is just plain silly. Poor form.

    How hard is it to plan a dinner? jeeesh!

  6. hmmm... I'm not sure he's that into you. Hate to say it, but yeah. I have a feeling we'll be screaming "neeext" pretty soon. I mean, he waits two weeks, and then asks you to pick a place?? No bueno.

  7. Awesome...after your last blog post about this...I was feeling your pain ;-(

    Glad one of them piped up! Maybe they had an argument on who could go out with you?!? And Luke won...just a thought

  8. Not exactly Mr. Darcy but better than any Craigslist creep. It's what we policy experts (I'm a policy expert) refer to as the middle ground.


  9. Okay Okay, I have to chime in here and say I DON'T think it's such a big deal that he didn't know where to go. Honestly? Men think they need to be "accomodating" to our tastes which reads indecisive. He probably just wanted to be sure it was something you would like! He did, after all, end up picking a romantic spot by the lake. ...It was just closed. To my eyes his behavior was perfectly heterosexual MALE. I do not think he should lose a point for the restau.

    The waiting two weeks is lame though. Luke seems like maybe he's lukewarm??

    Give him an even score. Give the guy a chance!

  10. rach, i don't care if he couldn't pick a place to eat.. as long as his name isn't james, jimmy, jim, jimmy-james, or some variation thereof it's a great step forward.

  11. Molly--Haha! I know, right? I told you about my new co-worker named Jim, right? Keeping FAR away from that one. :)

  12. Could be he just didn't have any food cravings at the moment. Or could be he is a major beta-cake.

    It certainely sounds like he doesn't do a lot of dating.