Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why I love a man who can cook

As it turns out, when it comes to cooking he leaves his indecision at the door. "How do you feel about scallops for dinner?" he asked me the night before. I felt pretty good about it, and I told him so. "Do you like tomatoes?" he asked. "I like everything," I said, and he was off and running. 

The wine, apparently, was a different story. Luke is not a wine drinker, but he knows that I am. So after hitting the grocery store last night, he stepped into the wine store across the street for the first time. Not only was it his first time in that particular wine store, but in any wine store at all, and as he entered, he looked around helplessly. The way Luke tells the story (because unfortunately I wasn't there to see it), he was soon approached by a store employee who gave him a long once over: all 6'6" of him, straight from the job site in his work boots and grubby jeans, and obviously way out of his element. "Let me guess," the employee said drily, the way only a haughty gay man can, "you're cooking dinner for a girl, and you don't know what kind of wine to get." 

"Um, yes," Luke said, a bit taken aback. "That's exactly it." 

"Well, what are you cooking?" he asked, and Luke told him. "And do you know what kind of wine she likes?"

"Well, I know she lived in France for a while," Luke said.

"You look like the kind of guy who can cook," the wine store employee said, looking him slowly up and down once again. "I think I can help you out." And he was right on both accounts, sending Luke on his way with a bottle of Muscadet, and another of Saumur Champigny.

Later on that evening, Luke met me at his door with garlicky kisses, and showed me to a plate of bread with homemade garlic butter, paired with a Colorado IPA. Then it was a field green salad with carrots, radishes, blue cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette. We switched to the wine, then: a light red with the bread and salad, and then the white for the main course: pan-seared scallops cooked in butter and a little bit of bacon grease, flavored with shallots and fresh parsley. Corn frozen fresh from his parents' garden, cooked with a chopped up red pepper, and a tomato salad. That wine store guy knows his stuff: not only was the wine spot-on, but, as he predicted, this is a man that can cook



  1. I am incredibly jealous. And I think perhaps you should kindly explain to him that your friends would like his scallops recipe. :)

    I'm glad so far he sounds like a winner!

  2. Yay Yay Yay so happy for you can't wait to hear MORE!

  3. that is happy, happy reading!

  4. Yummy indeed. Sounds like a great meal. But was the company great as well?

  5. BACON grease? To COOK with? And scallops that feed on the bottom?

    Count this Jew out.

    But the wine sounds terrific. Enjoy.


  6. How can you just look at someone and tell they can cook? It seems ridiculous. Sure, I can look at someone and tell if they can bathe or brush their hair, and some people smell nice, but how do you just know if someone can cook?

  7. Al--AND he's a project manager for a construction company, just like you were! (/still are? not clear on your current title.)

    Rassles--I think it was a snooty gay man's way of implying that he looks like a man who knows how to eat. 'Cuz, like, he's a big guy.

  8. A man who can cook and took the time to choose wine since you know you like it! Things are sounding promising.