Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Why I left my ability to think up clever blog titles in San Francisco

After my red eye flight touched down at Mythaca Airport at 9:30 this morning, I gingerly navigated the unshoveled paths to long-term parking, where I chipped about three inches of snow and ice off my dormant car, paid the $29 exit/extortionist fee, and finally made my way home. The weather is sure better in San Francisco, I'll give it that. Although I suppose "better" is a relative term.

"Brrr, so cold," west coasters will tell you, turning their collars up against the wind and the fog. "It's been so cold the last few days."

"Yes," I say agreeably, wrapping my scarf tighter, since everything less than 72 degrees and sunny is cold in my book, and if it's 72 degrees I'll still wish it was 74. "Cold, cold, cold." Yet somewhere in the midst of all this "wintry" weather, there is still a year-round growing season, picturesque green hills lush with vegetation, and people-watching at outdoor cafe tables, huddled under the gentle, warming breath of propane heaters. I will take this version of cold any day, is what I'm saying. 

I've given myself permission to laze about like a semi-invalid today, doing nothing more strenuous that eat soup, drink tea, watch tv, and take unintentionally long mid-day naps, even though I'm not actually sick, I just went on vacation, for chrissakes. Though I did spend the last three nights sharing a futon with my friend Jamie, and the previous five nights before that sharing my not overly large bed with my sister and a chihuahua, in Mythaca for a visit, so it's been a while since I could stretch out in a bed that was all mine. Then there's the fact that I sort of feel like I need to embark on a cleanse diet after the last few days. I said my one goal for this trip was to eat my way through San Francisco, and I think I can safely say, mission accomplished. Plus, when you can make a meal out of bread, cheese, wine, and olives three times in four days, you know that ain't bad. Except for all the obvious reasons. But in the moment, it wasn't bad at all. But now it is all soup, all the time, and any other veggie-based leftovers I can dig out of my freezer. And yes, I do realize this post is scintillating. Talking about soup. If you don't like it, you know what? No soup for you!

We stayed with Jamie's lovely friends who were kind enough to spend the weekend and even take off of work to drive us all over the city, East Bay, and most of Sonoma County, while Jamie and I sat in the back seat admiring the views and regressing every once in a while into a chorus of, "She's looking at me! Make her stop not touching me!" Because we are nothing if not fabulous practice for parenthood. After our day of wine tasting, though, we promptly passed out in the back seat and were quiet all the way back, and I think perhaps there is a lesson to be learned there. 

So now I am back and a bit useless, and starting tomorrow I will only have twelve days left of winter break, help! Starting tomorrow it's down to business. Starting tomorrow I will get motivated to, you know, do stuff. Tomorrow. For now...*yawn.* Did you know that after five months of living in this apartment with cable included, after five months of never going above channel 100 because too many choices give me hives, at some point I finally realized I have access to HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, TMC, and all their accompanying on-demand choices? Do you realize that upon discovering this my first thought was, Oh my god, I could have been watching tv this whole time! What I am saying is, me and tv, we have a lot of catching up to do.

For now, I'll leave you with some pictures: 

It's me! It's me in a tree! It's me with no neck in a tree!
In which I never know which camera to look at.

 You can't tell, but these trees are full of parrots. Just like tv said!
In which I really wish I had brought my sunglasses...
...and remembered to wear pants. Whoops. I will just point at Jamie like she's crazy and hope no one notices.  
Taking a brief moment for yoga. And concentrating really hard on not falling. Standing on one leg with your eyes closed while under the influence of fermented grapes is...challenging. You should try it sometime. 
In which Jamie attempts to refute my claim that a cat can actually fit in a paper wine bag. (I still say she wasn't trying hard enough). 
Nap. (Not shown).


  1. Glad you're back - always great to read your posts!I think we must have winters a bit like San Francisco here in Auckland. Certainly we never get snow and rarely even frost. The weather can be rubbish, but it's not usually bitterly cold. And right now it's mid-summer. Yay!

  2. I think it's definitely possible to get the cat in the bag, but they don't like it. They have no sense of whimsy!

  3. Um, why can't we eat bread, cheese, wine, and olives every day? I feel like that's my entire diet.

  4. i once lived off bread, wine and cheese (no olives)in Amsterdam for a few days... and a few other things.

    As a lover of cats i had to skip the whole cat in a bag thing, that's cruel you evil girl and cat's are not stupid, right now that cat is making a cross country trek to personally deliver Ted Nugent's most popular song. beware is all i have to say.

    And now something deep and personal for me to share with you my dear... i love soup.

  5. You sure look funny.. and cute. You surely did put the cat in the bag and that's one mistake posting it on the pics. But overall, this is a nice post. Love your photos, even when you're not looking at the right camera.:)