Monday, October 4, 2010

Why some posts are deep and philosophical and this is not one of them

For my friend Alan's wedding last weekend my dress choices were either the dress I wore to my class reunion in 2008 or the dress I wore to my friend Mike's wedding in 2004. I decided to go with the LBD from 2004 and hope nobody remembered it.

Here I am wearing the dress in 2004 with my friend Gavin:  

And here I am in 2004 with the future groom-to-be, Al, completely unaware that six-and-a-half years later my dress and I would reunite at his wedding. Had I known, I might have said something like, "Geez, can't you afford a new dress?" Well, self, the answer to that is no, and also it's still a perfectly nice dress and it's Betsey Johnson and you've only worn it once so shut up.

And here I am again during the same wedding weekend in 2004, for no other reason than it makes me laugh, and because I am 24, fresh-faced, slack-jawed, and blissfully unaware that one day I will actually be 30:  

And here I am wearing the dress last weekend:

This is the only picture I have of me in the dress. It looks...pretty much the same as it did in 2004. (With added awkward arm angle--Hold wine, but be casual! Don't drop sweater! Elbows in! Now you're perfect!) I did accessorize a bit differently this time. And I debuted the gold shoes! They were everything I had hoped they would be. I was going to wear the gold necklace I picked up at the same time, but then I went back to the same antique and vintage store and found an even better gold necklace: 
It's a little owl. Also, this is what happens when you have a pre-event freak out and decide that you must! get your hair cut that very second! Because you can't be seen like this! And you ask the stylist not to cut your bangs too short or your hair too short and she swears she won't, then snip snip and suddenly you're feeling like a pre-pubescent medieval prince or maybe his whipping boy. Your hair's awkward phase captured in photographic evidence for all time. Sigh.

This is the night before the wedding and I love this picture for the range of emotions it captures, and how everyone sort of has their own agenda. Also, hi butt!

There was an even buttier picture that I didn't post, if you can believe it. Two whole cheeks and my torso, all facing the camera at the same time. "How is that even possible?" someone asked, looking at the camera after. "I do yoga," I said proudly.

One last picture. Here I am sharing something profound. I'm pretty sure we were talking about Mrs. R.D. Vandertrampp verbs. For real. 
Rester! That's the one I missed! How could I miss rester?! 

All in all, I drove more hours than I slept last weekend, and it was totally and completely worth it. It was a beautiful wedding and I saw lots of my best high school friends and some people I hadn't seen in years. Best of luck and much love to Alan and Vanessa. Mazel tov! 


  1. aren't you going to expand on the haircut disaster and tell everyone what you were confused for on the street, rach? hahaha


  2. I love the necklace. And the haircut is actually pretty cute! And your tan looks fantastic. And my word verification is "bills" and now I'm just depressed.

  3. "What" you were confused for on the street?? Oh, now you have to tell!!

  4. Ugh, fine. I was walking by myself in DC and some guy called me a faggot-ass mother-fucker. I would have assumed he was talking about somebody (anybody) else, but there was no one else around. Then the wheels started turning in slow motion and I thought, I think he thinks I'm a man... I knew this haircut makes me look like a boy!

    Love your neighbor, people. Sheesh.

  5. OMG, he thought you looked like a man? WTF??? I was going to write that I think your haircut is totally cute. Now I guess I have to scream it (i.e. write it in CAPS):


    Also, the LBD... perfect! LBDs last forever! I'm still wearing one from, uh, I think it's from 2001 or thereabouts. Crazy. And frugal! :)

  6. Let me be clear. No, Dawn, he didn't think I looked like a man, he thought I WAS a man. Who was trying to be a woman. Like some kind of transsexual. This made him very upset. It also kind of made me laugh, so, no harm done.

  7. Great post, great old/new dress, great haircut..... :-)I actually spotted a bit of radiance shing through, I'm sure!

  8. Rachel, that's even more ridiculous! Less ridiculous? Still ridiculous? Just ridiculous. How drunk must he have been...

  9. You don't look like a drag queen, but I have had that same hair cut and when the bangs are short I definitely feel the "little Lord Fauntleroy" vibe! It'll grow :-)

  10. You look hot. And is T dating Adrien Brody??

  11. mostly i'm just jealous that you can still fit into a dress from 2004. i don't still fit into my SOCKS from 2004.

  12. If I had a cute Betsey Johnson dress, I'd wear it for every wedding I went to! Pretty.

  13. Anonymous commenter--Ha! For political and diplomatic reasons I had to delete your comment. Sorry. Don't think I didn't appreciate it, though. :)

  14. I think you looked great. Heck all of you from HS look great. I just went to a wedding and I had to wear my backup dress (not cute at all) because I'm too pregnant to fit into normal clothes. However, I'm at the point where I don't look definately pregnant, so I just look oddly fat in all the pictures.


  15. Caroline--I saw your announcement on Facebook, but I'm terrible about messaging/commenting on there. Congratulations! I'm sure you're glowing. :)