Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why country mouse is going to the city

It's actually Saturday evening right now. (I know, but go with me for a minute.) It's actually Saturday right now, but by the time you read this I will be in the city, working with school children in Harlem on an extended working field trip. But thanks to the wonders of the internet, I posted these pictures in advance to amuse you during my absence. (You're welcome!) I will be back on Friday, but don't expect any wild stories about my time in the Big Apple, as I will have to be in bed by about 10 p.m. every night in order to be up at the crack of dawn every morning. The life of a teacher (in training), it is not glamorous. So while I am breathing in New York's rank subway air and trying to avoid being hit by yellow cabs, errant bike messengers, and collapsing scaffolding structures, please enjoy these pictures from a simpler time and place.

First, my favorite four-legged friend. I call her Jane Doe. She likes to stand in front of my bedroom window and look at me, like this:

Her little one seems to be less concerned with me, and more with the all-you-can-eat garden buffet growing in my front yard.

A fall day in Mythaca:


  1. Love the photos. Good luck in Harlem!!

  2. im so jealous you have deer!! I'd love to wake up and see that every morning.

    have fun in Harlem..I suppose Harlem is to the USA what St Denis is to France :p

  3. While on walks with Artie (my dog) early in the morning, we've seen some deer. Twice. Very sweet.

    Those times were MUCH better than the two times that we've seen a coyote. Really close. Twice. Not so sweet.

  4. Jane Doe is the name of a radio DJ i know.
    this is so LOL.
    ur soooo lucky to have deer! totallee! all i ever get are lizards and cockroaches and the occasional squirrel. T.T i want a DOG!
    i love dogs. i can take care of them too. nyuh.