Monday, August 16, 2010

Why the way to my heart is through Doritos®

Friday night's meet up was...intimate. Maybe...small, is another word for it. It was also (in my humble opinion) a grand success. [F]oxy was so lovely and nice (and good enough to put up with my friend Al and I reminiscing about old times and talking about people he didn't know. I know, don't you just hate when people do that?) As I was saying, [F]oxy is lovely and nice and interesting and he brought me this:  

How did he know a Doritos puppy was just what I wanted??? Ok, so the puppy is just a convenient prop, but the Doritos really were a thoughtful gesture, weren't they? A crunchy, delicious (so much for nostalgia 'cause I already ate them) gesture. 

So who knows, maybe one day I'll make it big as a blogger, get sponsored by Doritos®, and have another meet up to which as many as five whole people show up. Anything's possible, right?


  1. Hey! I just started following your blog! Your entries are humorous yet I can understand some of the frustrations.

    take care! stay strong!
    ps- I love doritos too! :P

  2. I once ate a jumbo sized bag of those in thirty minutes. It was possibly one of my proudest moments.

  3. Mahfuckin' cool ranch is the best. What what.

  4. You took the bar puppy home!!!

    ... clever ... beer collateral!

  5. Count me in the next time for sure! Doritos are always an excellent gift!

  6. Did you have "Doritos" together?