Monday, July 26, 2010

Why the meaning of life takes on a whole new meaning(less)

The Complete Idiot's* Guide to Being My Friend

Don't take yourself too seriously. (*Here's a quick litmus test: if you are offended by my use of the word "idiot," you are probably taking yourself too seriously.) Don't take life too seriously. I don't mean that in a let's-all-live-in-our-mama's-basement-and-smoke-pot kind of way. No. Get a job. Work hard. Be good to others. Be good to yourself. But recognize that whatever "it" is that is getting you down at the moment, "it" is probably not that important. You are probably not that important. You are almost certainly not as important as you think you are. So, make fun of yourself. Don't get angry at things that are ridiculous. Laugh at things that are ridiculous. (Blog about things that are ridiculous.) Life is long, and then short, then long again, and then at the end, very, very short. What if it turns out that life is meaningless? What if the point of life is to create your own meaning? What if, at the end of it all, your carefully constructed meaning then dissolves away like sand castles into the ocean? Well then, isn't that the ultimate joke? So laugh. Laugh! And find people who are in on the joke.

I started out writing this thinking that when I said you it didn't mean me, but now I am not so sure. Sometimes I wonder, if I weren't me, would I hang out with me?

But no, really, I can't stand it when people take themselves too seriously. Wait, what the...? Gah, plank, get out of my eye!!!!


  1. The truth is what isn't ridiculous?

  2. i love me a little existential angst and i think i kinda wrote about the same thing in a post called amusements last week, albeit a bit differently.

  3. people taking themselves too seriously? people feeling way too self-important? people believing that everything they are/have/say is better/funnier/more substantial than the rest?

    Two words: Facebook, Twitter

    Gah...get over yourselves!!!

    (thanks for this post...I think most people have similar thoughts but might not be as able to put it so eloquently)

  4. Kono, you know I want to add you to my feed reader, really, I do. But the many commas! Throw a hard stop in there once in a while and I'm your biggest fan, I swear.

  5. Rachel - I will be your friend, even if you unironically call me an idiot. Because sometimes, well, I just am.

    Crystal - yes, yes, 100 times yes with the Facebook/Twitter. Lordy be... Drives me up the wall.

  6. i will take in under advisement. Maybe more ellipsiseses. We will see.

  7. Gah, no more ellipses!!!! It's just a comma in disguise. Though I am a fan of the exclamation point (duh) and the question mark. Feel free to sprinkle those in at your discretion.