Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why I may always be a Marylander, but I don't have to talk like one

I can be a tough nut to crack, humor-wise. Something has to hit me just right to make me laugh out loud. (You know, because my sense of humor is so sophisticated.) But when I saw this out-of-the-blue bit in 30 Rock, it tickled me just the right way:

Watching this, I had a sudden flashback to the spring of 2001, and the first time I ever lived outside of Maryland. I was studying abroad in France with a bunch of girls from all over the country. (All you boys who were too cool for French missed out, for real.) One of my friends there was from New England--Worcester, actually ("Wusta")--and for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why she kept making fun of the way I talked. "But, I don't have an accent," I would say. "You have an accent." And in response she would say, "Say it! Say 'boots' again! Say it! What are you going to wear, Rach? Your beeeeewwts?" And then she would crack up like she'd never heard anyone say the word boots before. "Then what, are you going to go heeewme and clean your reeewm?" It got pretty annoying.

"Oh, what," I would say, "you're going to clean your rum?" The fun never stopped.

After watching this video, I can confidently state that at some point during the eight years I have been away from Maryland, I finally lost the accent that I never knew I had. Thank god. 'Cause that accent is idiawtic.


  1. When I was in France some of the English teachers asked me to slow down when speaking English because they couldn't understand my New Zealand accent. I don't have one, I'm sure!!

  2. I just watched this clip for the first time yesterday, and also thought it was hilarious. What a small world! (I am usually 20 weeks behind on 30 Rock clips.) People say I don't sound like I'm from Texas, but I sound like everyone else in Austin. There's a big difference between West Texas twang and East Texas drawl. I guess Austin settled on some sort of Midwestern/Texas hybrid accent.

  3. lol I LOVE 3O Rock and have successfully watched all 4 seasons in France thanks to the beauty of streaming tv on the internet.

    I think if you (as in people in general) have an accent, they should be proud of it! And people who make fun are usually just jealous cuz their accent is all boring and stuff (hello, Southwestern Ontario)

  4. Canadian accent differ from coast to coast. My east coast friends have to slow down when they talk cos it really is like they're almost speaking another launguage.
    Same with my Scot family. It's english...I think. lol

    I went from Vancouver BC to Westpost WA (two hours south of seattle) on a surfing trip.
    When we arrived they were amazed that we'd come "all the way down from Canada" (only 4.5 hours away) and that our accents were really cool.

    We were flattered, although they didnt sound any different to us.

  5. I spent 4 years as a broadcasting major in college, getting picked on for my New England accent, while everyone was trying to lose their "regionalisms" in order to be more marketable in the broadcasting industry. Let me tell ya, it's not easy to train yourself to speak in a different way!


  6. You are right it's not easy to train yourself to speak in a different way. I have a friend from london who we made a video with at a barbeque when he saw it he said "My voice sounds terrible"
    so we all have some kind of accent.
    Regards Sam.

  7. accents come up a lot being american living in Australia. and I have to say, I don't want to lose my accent, but also kind of desperately sound like I fit in a bit more.

    I sadly don't have a strong new hampshire accent, but I definitely have a new england accent.

  8. Now I feel idiawdic, because I didn't even know there WAS a Maryland accent.

    When my roommate's friends from San Diego visited, my accent got thicker. She pointed it out. She was like, "Dude, when you're around them, you talk way more Chicago than normal. It's awesome. They love it."