Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why Andy is dandy and liquor is awesome*

The last time I saw him I didn't recognize him. But when I ran into him again two nights later at trivia night, I definitely did. Really, Universe? I thought to myself. Well, ok!, and walked over to say hello. Though he had asked me for my number on Saturday night, there hadn't even been enough time in the interim for him to call. And now, suddenly, here he was again, and asking me if I had plans for the weekend. "Plans?" I said. "For next weekend? I don't think so..."

"I guess it is only Monday," he said. I nodded. "Is it too early to make plans?" he said.

"We can make plans," I said, smiling.

"Let's go out to dinner on Saturday, then," he said confidently. "8:00. I don't know if you have a place you like to go, but..."

"What did you have in mind?" I asked. And without hesitation he filled in the blank with my favorite restaurant here in Mythaca. (And also the former workplace of a certain ex-boyfriend, who lived here before I ever knew him a lifetime ago, though that is neither here nor there.) Well, I thought. No burrito joint first dates for this guy. I decided I liked him already.

Cut to five days later, and we met for a pre-dinner cocktail, followed by a change of venue and our tapas-style dinner, each with (mmm) our own flight of wine, and then we finished up with another cocktail (or three, depending) at our old favorite trivia night bar. But let's back up a bit. Let's start with the nervous conversation and the awkward pauses and the studious perusal of drink menus. "So," I said, drink finally in hand. "You do yoga." He nodded. "You like gin and tonics," (he laughed), "and you're twenty-seven. That's all I know about you."

"Well, you know more about me than that," he said.

"Hmm...I know you're a grad student, and I know you go to Cronell," I said. "But that's really it."

The short version is this: he studies philosophy. He's a vegetarian. His dad is a Presbyterian minister. He has two brothers, also with Biblical names, but he doesn't consider himself religious. He likes camping and hiking. We share an eerily similar taste in music. He is a very nice kisser.

"So, how many Netflix stars would you rate this date?" he asked jokingly at the end of the night.

"Well, I almost never give five stars," I said, and left it at that (though my non-verbal oral communication may perhaps have indicated otherwise).

Twenty-four hours later I sent him a text: It was fun hanging out with you last night. I had a good time. I give it a five out of five. :)

No plans for a second date yet, but tomorrow is trivia night, and you never know what might happen when you go out in Mythaca...

*With apologies to Mr. Nash


  1. Congrats on a successful date. I hope things work out well.

  2. Five stars is indeed a bold rating. I'm glad.

  3. Ah ha! And the universe doles out another good kisser! Hooray for the universe! (and us!)