Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why the more things change, the more my hair stays the same

The last seven days have been spectacularly un-blogworthy. I've noticed that at this time of year, other people tend to post Christmas re-caps and state their New Year's resolutions, but the fact of the matter is the holidays around here are not particularly merry, and I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear about how I plan to eat more fruits and vegetables in 2010. In fact, I'm going to be honest with you: this is pretty much a throwaway post. I just wanted to knock that last post down from the top spot, because GAH. And also, GAH. I mean, the reactions and the comments were great; so great, and I value each and every one of your perspectives and advice, even the person who called me "icky." Which, fine, I guess she didn't call me specifically "icky," rather the act of sleeping with "someone you barely know," which I hardly think is the case here, especially since I am not sleeping with someone that I do know. But my point is that I appreciate even that comment, since it just shows that there are so many different people and ideas and thoughts and opinions in the world. And with that many people and ideas and thoughts and opinions in the world, the "right" answer can only be the one that is right for me. (I am not sure what that answer is yet, by the way, just that whatever it is, everything is going to be pretty much alright. Or, you know, it won't. Neither one would surprise me.) Anyway, like I said, I value the feedback from that post, but I'm sort of sick of looking at it, and sometimes I worry about first-time readers clicking over and whoa, emotional and dramatic and revealing waaayyyy too much personal detail, am I? Well, here, let's talk about something much less pathos-inducing, like...

In other news, MY HAIR. On Christmas day my sister's boyfriend got a hold of a picture of all of us taken on some Christmas years ago, and immediately started laughing. "Your hair," he said. "You still have exactly the same haircut!" And yes, yes I know I still have the same haircut I did when I was five, I AM AWARE. I immediately jumped to the defensive. "Oh, what, should I cut it all off, bleach it and dye it pink, then?" I said, not so subtly referencing my sister's latest failed strawberry blond venture. "Uh, no," he said, taken somewhat aback. "" This came at a touchy moment, as I've been feeling particularly un-pretty lately: haggard, broken out, and just plain old, and so I decided something had to be done. In lieu of other, more drastic, and more costly measures, I headed to Target and left with a pack of Crest White Strips and a box of hair dye. I used to dye my hair on a pretty regular basis, but at this point it's been my natural color for years, and so I hesitated to do something too drastic. I carefully read the advice on the box: For best results, stay within a shade or two of your own hair color, and if you are hesitating between two colors, go with the lighter one. I did this, and ended up with a color creatively titled "light brown." That's right, I spent $10 to dye my hair the exact same color it already was. A final analysis reveals that it is now actually slightly more light brown than it was before, but not so that anyone other than me would be able to tell. So, now I am old, broken out, haggard, and I have boring hair. No wonder my new (fill-in-the-blank) won't sleep with me. (Ba dum bum!)

In other other news: I got a text from North Carolina guy the other day. Remember him? We met, crushed, hooked up? (Icky! I am so icky!) Well, I did actually see him again after that. Did I forget to mention that? I may have accidentally-on-purpose forgotten to mention that. So, I saw him when he was in town again, last month, and then felt bad about it because I didn't know where things were going with James. Jimmy. Whatever. As it turns out I still don't know where things are going with Jimmy/James/whatever, and this other guy, Pete, sent me a text asking if I would be around on Jan. 2nd or 3rd. He wants to give me my Christmas present. (I've already asked, and no, apparently it's not a euphismism.) A Christmas present. I'm pretty sure even my new (fill-in-the-blank) Jimmy-James isn't giving me a Christmas present.

And the plot thickens...


  1. Heres to a new year of building character we all were not aware we needed!

    You're a rock star! Never let anyone tell you you're "icky" how rude. you're not icky.

    Cheers to 2009, Hello 2010 and new adventures whatever they may be.

    Being Samiantha

  2. Have a great time on January 2nd! The situation with the guys will eventually be resolved - just keep your eyes open to possibilities with the two you have and any new men who might come your way (okay, I know that balancing three guys wouldn't really be you, but it might help bring you some clarity.) Best of luck in the new year!

  3. for a bit didn't you have darker brown hair? or did i dream that? also, i vaguely remember redder shades at some point...i think i just am living out my hair dying fantasies on you... please don't see jimmy james again. make that your resolution!!!

  4. i gotta a $20 says you still bang him.

  5. Anonymous- Oh, sorry, was I too ambiguous? Let me clarify: yeah, totally. Assuming the Christmas present is good, anyway...

  6. Jeesh - why does carolina guy live so far away? where is the justice? keep us informed young lady.

  7. This isn't sex and the city. This is life. Don't you go breaking that poor boy's heart. Someone has to say it - You are a hussy! HUSSY! Icky is the least of what this is that you are! At least break it off with the poor boy before you go screwing half the town! Just get a vibrator and be done with it! I hope the shame keeps you up at night.

  8. lol @ 'tarah'!

    rachel: something fishy is going on with this james dude... i think you SHOULD ditch him, but have a conversation about stuff first, it will at least provide some closure, rather than it being something that bugs you in the years to come.

    and has for 'breaking this poor boy's heart': umm he hasn't acknowledged you're even in a relationship so how can you even technically cheat on him??

    looking forward to seeing how this plays out...


  9. Why does the anonymous nature of the internet make some people feel entitled to be so nasty? I guess blogging for the world to see gives readers some right to opine, but if you don't like what you see here there are some 100,000,000+ other websites you can move on to.

    Rachel, I hope you don't let the comments that harsh, judgmental, and likely miserable people leave get you down.

  10. Rachel, you WORK IT with your icky self. Don't let anyone try to make you feel bad for being fierce.

    Seriously, here is a list of just a few of the things I heart about you:

    1. Your hair. I used to have your hair. Then I hit puberty and my stupid hair turned naturally curly. I heart your hair. Don't let anyone tell you it's not awesome.

    2. Your ability to laugh at random jealous commenters.

    3. Your blog. Duh.

    4. The fact that I woke up in the middle of the night the other night and thought to myself, "You know what Rachel needs? To take a trip to Paris" and then immediately went back to sleep.

    5. Your ability to NOT get creeped out by random fangirls from teh interwebs.

    6. My captcha word: imbibe (yes please!)

  11. Thanks, guys!

    Jane- Squee and mush. Thanks. :)