Sunday, November 15, 2009

Why iLove my new iPod

So, then this happened. This being a flat tire that left me stranded in a parking lot in the farthest reaches of the Mythaca College campus due to their policy of banning faculty from any remotely convenient or proximate lot any time prospective students and their potentially tuition paying parents come to visit. ("Oohh, honey, what a lovely school! And look at all the free parking!" Lies! All lies!) And instead of going home after class on Wednesday afternoon, which is the only place I really wanted to be, I found myself having this conversation twice over with first my mom, and then my dad: "Are you sure I can't just drive it to a garage...? How flat? Flat flat... Yes I know there's a spare in the trunk but... Yes I know there are instructions with it but I just don't... No, there are no boys around. God." Well, the mountain will just have to come to Muhammed, I decided, and so I called several garages only to be told they don't do roadside service, and did I have AAA, by any chance? Then I had a stroke of inspiration: I would call campus safety! A nice campus safety officer would come and help me change my tire and then I would be on my merry way. Except, apparently they do not "do" that sort of thing either, but they would transfer my call to the garage. The garage: closed ten minutes ago. I blinked back tears and as a last resort called the parking office. Because, it's sort of related, right? I was parked. And I wanted to...not be parked. The sympathetic lady on the phone oh dear-ed a few times and then said that they don't "do" that sort of thing either, but had I called campus safety? Or the garage? Were there any boys around? Oh! By any chance, did I have AAA? At which point I said fine. You win. "Hello, AAA? I would like to become a member of your illustrious and reputable service. I would now like to present you with my address and credit card information. Got it? Good. Because I'm going to need you to send someone out right away..." So then I waited an hour for someone to come and put the spare on in two minutes flat and then basically felt like a miserable failure of a human being. I hate perpetuating gender stereotypes.

The tire, it turns out, is unrepairable! Of course! One new tire, please! And do you why it was unrepairable? Do you know why this happened? (Other than the nail that I can only imagine was placed in the road specifically for my benefit, pointy-side up and cartoon-like by a cackling and mustache-twirling villain.) No, it happened because I am an idiot and the universe hates me. Ooh, look at me, universe! I am making a frivolous and fiscally irresponsible purchase! Screaming it out to the world like the idiot that I am. And what do you know- the very next day the universe is all, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. Actually, you know what? Why don't you pay $200, just for kicks. Since it seems you have all this money floating around, mwa ha ha...

Universe? I hate you.

But, you know what I don't hate? That's right, it's my new...

iPod Touch! It's like an iPhone, only without, you know, the phone bits. And with 32 gigs of storage!

I love it so. I don't know if you can see this, but this is me reading my blog on my iPod Touch while typing a blog post on my computer and whoa. The possibilities boggle the mind.

This is my iPod Touch's retarded older brother red-headed stepchild wow, there really is no PC way to say this, is there? (But then, you wouldn't expect me to be PC when I'm talking about Apple products, right? Get it? PC? Haaaa.) Anyway, this is my old mp3 player. As you can see, it's roughly the size of my face and it weighs about as much as a can of soup. See how sad it was making me?

If I had to listen to one more person say, "What is that thing? Is that a Walkman?" I don't know what I would do. Although, honestly, this was a pretty great little mp3 player and I used it consistently for five years without a problem. I don't know anyone whose iPod has lasted anywhere near that long. In fact, that's why I waited so long to replace it, because the damn thing just would not break. In the end, I decided to switch when it became so outdated that the software it came with wasn't compatible with Windows Vista. So, though I had a pretty good library built up, I could no longer put anything new on or take anything off, and so essentially what I had was an mp3 player-shaped paperweight. That looked like a Walkman. And so I stopped using it. I would only take it on particularly long car rides, or on airplanes. And even then I would keep it tucked away in my purse in shame.

And now I have my lovely new iPod Touch, although I have to be honest and say that I haven't actually used it so much, yet. Or really at all, other than the initial puttering, hitting of the on/off button and saying Oh good, it works. And now I'll turn it off. Because to get use from it, I would probably need to leave the house. Which...I guess I haven't been doing so much of lately. But...outside is scary, guys. Outside is where the sharp, pointy nails are! In any case, I'm sure I'll get motivated to leave the house soon. And if not, I bet there's an app for that.


  1. Hah--I made the same swap to the iPod touch recently. I LOVE it, although it takes a while to get used to iTunes in my opinion. Don't worry, I was a little while in getting into the groove of mine, but you'll get there. Congrats on the purchase, even if it came with a price tag which included an additional tire. Which absolutely sucks.

  2. And now that you've seen how tires get changed, you're good to go for next time. Except now you can just call AAA. The irony!

  3. Very nice!

    I got my iPod Touch on Sunday as an almost-birthday present (which will be Nov. 28 this year, so there's still time to send a check from your dwindling bank account).

    Anyway, I spent several hours figuring out how to get my Vista computer to find and "read" the device. It seems you need the most recent version of iTunes for that to happen.

    Finally got the music downloads I wanted. Now if anyone knows how to download audio books without losing them in the damn Vista hard drive, I'm yours. Or maybe you get a new tire if I can attach it to an email.


  4. UPDATE: Got the book loaded. Oh, so much Metro-riding love! (I wonder if Steve Jobs will marry me. I would even sign a prenup and give up the 20 gabillion dollars in his Apple stocks.)