Friday, October 30, 2009

Why coming clean has never felt so good

Bless me Internet, for I have sinned. It has been three days since my last confession. Internet, I have been holding out on you. Things have happened and I have been sitting on that information, waiting for...what, I don't know. Well, I do know. First, I was trying to finish up that damned never-ending saga. (Slave drivers, you!) Second, I have become acutely conscious of who reads this blog, or who might read this blog, and the ramifications thereof. That and the fact that I tend to get very, hmm, how you say, loose-lipped when I drink, which, given my state of under-employment and overall lack of responsibility, is more often than not. (Do I like to write? Yeah, sure, I love to write! What do I write? Well, actually, I, umm, I have a blog. Oh, ha, no, actually, you can't read it. No, can't. [Shut up, Rachel, shut up, shut up!]) But I need to come clean. Or at least, mostly. And so, in tried and true two truths and a lie format, this is what I've been hiding from you. (Or is it...?)

1. Married Guy broke down and confessed his crush on me.
2. I hooked up (Doritos style) last weekend with a new guy, previously unmentioned on this blog.
3. I went out on a date last weekend with a guy (who may or may not have already been mentioned on this blog) and- surprise, surprise- managed to spectacularly humiliate myself.

Ok, Internet, now it's up to you. Which is the truth, and which is a blatant, bald-faced lie? Cast your vote now!


  1. ummm first and the last?
    please post soon so i know what is going on! haha

  2. Hmm...

    I kinda wish it's like this..

    1. Truth
    2. Truth
    3. Lie

    But I have a feeling it's like this...?

    1. Lie
    2. Truth
    3. Truth

    If I'm right, though, what a weekend!!! haha

    Btw, I really hope Date Guy is not Hot Irish Guy, and I also hope Dorito Supplier is Tommy Lee Jones' long lost twin! ;)

  3. I'm backing away with my knowledge. But Doritos are so delicious.

  4. Ok ok, I know the answer and I won't give it away...but I deserve a little credit here, because a) you had to call me before writing the blog (acutely conscious of little ol' me as well, perhaps?) AND b) I TOTALLY gave you the two truths and a lie ya.

    I hate these tantalizingly short entries...ok maybe hate is a strong word but you love to leave us wanting more, don't you.

    Maybe that's the point. You're smaaaaht

  5. P.S. oh scheize ! i just realized... I totally don't know the other truth! Dammit you've got everyone hooked. Argh. And shame on you for not revealing all on the phone.

    My guess: Married guys do not reveal crushes, even if they might have one.

  6. I hope #2 was the truth, and that all is well for you.

  7. They're all lies. They're all truths. (See? This is why I never enter contests. I can't win!)

    Fess up, sistah.

  8. i think we need to create a DOW drinking game for the next set of updates :) i'm excited!

  9. I can't do it! It's too hard. Oh OK then - truth, lie, truth.

  10. It's just blatantly obvious that Married Guy is smitten with you...

    But I don't know - I am super gullible. I'll believe anything you say!

  11. 1. Truth
    2. Lie
    3. Truth

    Come on, 'fess up! Did I get it right?

    Kitty x