Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why you wouldn't know it from this post, but I teach college students

After a flurry of frantic e-mails back and forth this morning when one of my students alerted me to the fact that one of my TA's didn't show up to their very first session, I finally got an e-mail that made me smile. It definitely goes down as the best e-mail of the morning:
Bonjour Madame,

I think I left my shoes in the classroom. Did you by chance see

[Name withheld out of concern for the shoeless]

If you're feeling bogged down by life's problems, now you can be grateful that at least you know where your shoes are. (Hopefully on your feet.)


  1. How does anybody, college-age or not, forget their shoes? That was one very preoccupied person!

    And were the shoes in the classroom?

  2. i would be all smug, but i lost my sneakers this summer :( these things happen!!

  3. Sneaky you! You got married and didn't tell us. Congratulations!


  4. No, I just got old. No one calls me mademoiselle anymore. :(

  5. Kind of makes you wonder at what point did this person realize, "oh crap, I forgot my shoes."

  6. i know!! i wanted to stay in bed all week once i realized that no one calls me miss anymore, its all m'am. m'am!!! urg! and forget about being carded. that was like eons ago...

  7. I always wonder about this. Like why would there be a shoe on the side of the highway? or a sock in the middle of the street?