Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Why life is like a bag of Doritos

Internet, I have news. I am so proud to announce that a Google search of the words doritos sex will yield...

That's right, ME, in the very first spot. I do believe this is my finest achievement.

And what's more, a search of just the word dorito by itself will also find your faithful Diary of Why within the first couple pages of results. I know! But in a disturbing discovery, I realize that just yesterday I was listed 16th for this search, and today...? 21st! Internet, this cannot stand. Help me regain my dorito footing, and gain back lost dorito ground. Here's what you can do: Google dorito. Find the Diary of Why. Click it. With all of us working together we can't fail. Dorito!


  1. LOL!! I will google...

    I enjoy your writing! Thank you!

  2. is it bad I'm considering going on to find out what "dorito dick" is?

    P.S. congrats on being #1! I'm sure if you typed in "hate France" in google search, my blog would come up near the top :p

  3. Doritos should give you a lifetime supply of chips for this.

  4. Ha!! And this was a great post... blogosphere, Unite!

  5. I really liked that Dorito post of yours - it's destined to become a classic. I will click frequently!

  6. ok done and done. but one day, can we please find out what the heck a dorito sandwich for kids is? i was so close to clicking that, but didn't cause i want to be all part of the team.