Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Why vacation's all I ever wanted (vacation, had to get away)

In case you were wondering, my weekend was full of kites...

half-assed sandcastles...

and ponies on the beach.

Did I say ponies on the beach? Why yes, I did. God, I love Assateague Island.

Just two ponies, out for a stroll. No big deal.

Somewhere in the midst of all the pony watching, sun bathing, and sand castle building, I had an idea. Hey, let's take pictures of us jumping! I said. Ok, my sister said. I handed her my camera and took up my position. Because I had a vision. An artistic vision that could not be denied. And one and two and three! I said.

Hmm, that's not exactly it. Not bad for a first try, but let's do it again. And one and two and three!!!

Ha ha ha, no, silly, see, you did it again. You have to hold the button halfway down, right? Got it? Ok, and one and two and...

Seriously, what the hell? It's the button on the... You know, this is all starting to feel very familiar. Here, give me that...Ok, and one and two and three...

First try! Boo-ya! See, I told you it's not that hard. And it's worthy of a Tampax commercial, if I do say so myself.

Maybe I just jump right, my sister replied smugly.

And so finally, many, many outtakes and near-stranglings later, we succeeded.

Because I jumped on two.

I think the counting is throwing me off,
my sister said.

Once we did away with that pesky counting, we practiced our new found skill all over the island.

And I pretended like I know how to do yoga.

Which I do not. If there is anyone who actually practices yoga out there, please don't judge me. I call this pose leaning crane, laughing beanstalk.

And finally, in case anyone was wondering how real horses might react to the sound of a not real horse whinnying over a loudspeaker, because someone for unknown reasons might have decided to equip his Jeep with a megaphone playing fifty pre-recorded sounds, well, here it is:

I think they were saying, the hell?


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog! Even now that you are back home. :-)

  2. tyra would be proud! make mamma happy!