Thursday, July 30, 2009

Why I'm in a New York state of mind

Well, I'm home again, folks, after the world's hottest 5 hour bus ride from New York City. The past 7 days have been kind of a blur, but thankfully I have photographic evidence that it all really happened. So here it is, my week in pictures:

Canaan. Table for 2?

My soon-to-be new place.

Isn't it lovely?

(Dismembered half of body not included.)

"Mythaca" is gorges!

I knew this place was out there, but a coyote? Really?
(Just kidding, it's the Queen's Zoo).

Tal ignores her usual germaphobe tendencies and lets some alpaca she just met slobber directly into her open hand. (Meanwhile, cultivate a human fourteen year friendship and just try to take a sip from her drink, JUST TRY.)

It literally rained all day, so no one please mention the bangs. (Not pictured: Carefully constructed invisible germ-proof barrier. Don't get too close, folks! The droopy eye may be contagious!)

Central Park, post-Bergdorf Goodman makeover.

And, because I couldn't resist. (Talia even got it on the very first shot! And thank goodness, because I think I shattered my kneecaps on landing.)

One state, two cities, and what a world of difference. I may be back in Maryland for now, but I'm in a New York state of mind.


  1. Love the new place! It's all looking good. :-)

  2. Looks like so much fun! I wish I could go to New York more often. And your new digs look lavish!

  3. I love that couch! It looks like a great spot for napping.

  4. Your new place looks wonderful! Hope the job and everything goes well there, too. And the jumping photo is a classic - add it to your résumé, I think!

  5. Lovely new flat. Great new town. Successful jumping photo. Things are looking up!

    (I laughed my head off at the shots of you attempting the jump from that earlier post. So funny!)