Friday, May 22, 2009

Why I will never be a fashion icon, and that's ok

Today was one of those rare, dreamed of Paris days with not a single cloud in the sky, everything just azure and light. Pas un seule nuage, or numage, as my little charge likes to say (and which is just too cute to correct). We spent the afternoon at the Place des Vosges, as usual, she stripping down to just her culotte and making a glorious mess with buckets of water in the sand pits there. I remained more modestly clothed and just removed my socks and shoes, digging my toes luxuriously into the sand. I once again marveled in the differences between my two countries, the one I was born into and the one I am borrowing, as I scanned the throngs soaking up the sun on the grass, and remarked that there wasn't a bikini in sight. If anything, you are much more likely to see the opposite scenario here: chic Frenchies in their all-weather apparel - scarves, leather jackets and all. And as for the question I know I've been asking myself all these many weeks and months- When does it become too warm for French women to finally ditch their knee-high boots?- my highly technical analysis today shows that the answer is, apparently, never. Pair those suckers with shorts and some nude pantyhose and you're good to go, if you're trying to emulate the French fashion of the moment. (I think I'll stick with my standard work uniform of jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers, though, thanks. They soak up the mud, snot, banana slime and chocolate drool so well). Which, speaking of fashion faux pas, brings me to my next point...

Farmers tans!!! I am now re-thinking my decision to remain modestly clothed, as my glaringly white somewhat less tanned shoulder only highlights my rockin' sunburn.

Also not the height of fashion? Watch tans.

...And a ring tan. But as someone whose mood improves with her UV exposure, I think it's safe to say I've been feeling a bit more chipper the last couple of days. One or two more slow roastings and I may even crack a smile. So come on, Paris, let's keep this weather coming. I only have five weeks left here, and I'd like them to be as wrinkle-inducing as possible.


  1. oh ouch!! I hope you have the kind of skin that fades into a tan after a burn...mine just goes back to being pasty white. And having spent more than one summer in France, I can assure you that French women wear knee high boots all summer long regardless of the temperature...makes me think "what are they trying to hide under there? Leg hair dreadlocks? Cankles? A sixth toe?

  2. i would gladly give up my us citizenship to cover my ankles all year round! rach, have you lost your head?

  3. I know what you mean. In addition to the farmer's tan, I'm currently also sporting the sock tan, which is easy to pick up out on the golf course.

  4. not everyone can be fashion icons and it should be okay.:)=