Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why it suddenly becomes obvious that I never had a boyfriend in high school

In high school I was smart, or I guess I was. Anyway, people seemed to think I was, which is I guess what happens when you're somewhat shy and play in the school band and do your homework on a fairly consistent basis. (In high school there are other names for these kinds of people, but we'll just stick with smart for now, thanks). The only person I never managed to fool was my algebra and calculus teacher, Mrs. Higgins, who basically told me I was a hopeless case, but that's another story. So, smart I had down, but cool was something else. Though I spent four years doing my best to cultivate an air of aloofness, I never did attain the hallowed title of cool, and instead had to make do with other adjectives like "nice," "quiet," or on a particularly good day, "funny." So imagine my surprise and delight when I clicked on over to my friend Gavin's blog and realized he had highlighted this blog as the first in his weekly series entitled Smart and Cool Friends. And if my eyes were watering by the time I got to the fourth paragraph, well, I'm sure there must have been a piece of dust or something in them (because getting all teary over this would be so uncool). You have to understand that Gavin is one of the most all-around talented people I know, and has artistic and musical abilities coming out of his ears. Plus, apparently he wrote an entire novel in a month or something, so coming from him, this is high praise, indeed.

And it is true, as he says, that we've known each other since high school, or roughly a million years. And, I wasn't going to do this, honestly, but the situation just seemed to call for it...

And this is probably not at all kosher since Gavin totally didn't give me permission to post this, and look at me going all renegade and posting unauthorized photos. Watch out folks, I'm drunk on my own coolness! (A word to the wise: never compliment me again).

So, this is Gavin and I at our junior Prom in 1997, and wow, I do not think there's a way to make two seventeen-year-olds any more uncomfortable than to make them hold this exact pose for 45 seconds to what feels like an eternity, just take the damn picture already, gah! And while Gavin pulls it off with grace and aplomb, I look like I might make a break for it if someone so much as coughs too loudly. Luckily no one did, and if memory serves me correctly we went on to pass a very pleasant night hanging out with friends and swaying to stiff-armed slow dances while maintaining a person-wide distance between us. Ahhh, high school. What I like about this picture is that while we both have better hair now, otherwise I think we pretty much look exactly the same. Aging be damned! It's just like it says on our souvenir champagne alcohol-free punch glasses- we really will stay forever young!

Thanks for joining me on this trip down high school memory lane, everyone. Now head on over to Gavin's blog and tell him that you like his beard, already. (Seriously, I don't care what your grandma says, Gavin. Beards rock!)


  1. At my 20-year (gah!!!) high school reunion, I was secretly totally pleased that all my old pals told me that I hadn't changed a bit. In retrospect, I'm not entirely sure if they meant I looked good or not-so-good back then ... But in your case, it's good!

  2. Maybe you should have taken some lessons from me in high school. I managed to bridge the gap between doing my homework, being on the math team, the history club, and drama club, and was still totally cool. (The above is not a joke, I was involved in all of that)

  3. Wow, now THAT'S a picture I haven't seen in a long, long time. I can't believe you had that floating around somewhere. And my hair! Gah!

    You're far to kind with the praise. If you were to read the novel I wrote (and I would never allow that), you'd take it all back. But thank you all the same. Now I'm all blushy.

  4. Al- You're the coolest engineer I know. Also, the only one, but my prior statement still stands.

    Gavin- I keep that picture under my pillow at night, didn't you know? :) Ha, actually, while I was at my parents' house for a couple weeks last summer I had the foresight to scan a bunch of "childhood" photos (or close enough) into the computer. Who knew months later it would come in so handy? :)

    And not that I recommend it now, but your hair was pretty rocking for the 90s.

  5. Oh dear, it's like high school all over again!

    Hi, by the way. I just stumbled across your blog, and am thoroughly fascinated. =]