Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why loose ends are best tied in a neat little bow

Because I know nobody likes loose ends...

Update #1: I went back to the baby-sitting job from hell yesterday, and everything was just peaches and cream. Aside from some minor criticisms/helpful advice regarding a) bath temperature, b) bath water level, and c) my tomato washing technique, everything went just fine. She even went out and bought me slippers (to protect her very nice floors, of course) after weeks and weeks of telling me she would. We went to the Monoprix together last week to pick some out, but ultimately she determined that 12€ was too much to pay for a pair of slippers, and said that she would buy some at the outdoor market later in the week. Yesterday she said she didn't find any at the market, and so back we went to Monoprix to purchase the very same pair of expensive slippers. I guess she's planning to keep me and my size 40 feet around for a while.

Update #2: I received a follow-up text from my teacher friend clarifying his intent to partake of drinks at some point in the as yet undetermined future. "The inspection went well," he wrote. "I'm going to relax at my parents' house this weekend, so let's get a drink next week, then?" Sure, I replied. "Cool," he said. "Anyway, your message yesterday made me really happy. See you Tuesday."

So, end of story, right? We're on the same page and all is well. Except...not! There is still weirdness! Because I know for a fact that he is going to spend a full week at his parents' house during the school break, which is one week away. Why would you rush off to spend the weekend at your parents' house when you are going to see them again for a full week in only a matter of days? Does he like his parents that much? It just doesn't make sense. I hate to suspect someone I hardly know of lying, but it does sound a lot like a cover-up, doesn't it? Theories, anyone?

Update #3: For whatever reason, I sent another e-mail to the health fanatic, trying to see if we could work out a time for a drink, and then maybe a quick wind sprint or two. He replied that he had left town for a week and had gone out to the country in the middle of nowhere with a (female) friend and her two-year-old child. Umm, yeah. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Just a man, woman, and child sharing a cabin in the middle of the woods, enjoying nature together. Tell me, Internet; is this the third strike? He seemed to think it was completely normal, so maybe it's me who's weird? Am I the only rational, thinking person and the rest of the world is insane? Because this is weird, right? Internet, tell me it's weird.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. I'll be here, acting totally normal and not at all weird, just to show all those bozos how it's done. A la prochaine...


  1. #1 - Glad to hear that things were calmer this week. Maybe she felt a bit guilty for going so overboard? Regardless, it sounds like the thought of hiring another sitter is too much for her right now, so she's happy to have you. The question remains : how long can you do this, waiting for the other shoe to drop?

    #2 - Yeah, that sounds odd, but maybe you'll get a better read on him when (if?) you do actually manage to go for that drink. I think you may have to give him the benefit of the doubt for the moment. Time will tell.

    #3 - I'm with you on this one: it's definitely a weird scenario. You might want to pass on this one, n'est-ce pas?

    Just my two cents worth!

  2. 1. I still think she's maybe crazy, but at least she seems to be trying?

    2. Are you sure things are still on with his parents for the school break? I think you are still at the "give him the benefit of the doubt" point. I have one friend who spends multiple weekends with family like that, but they do her laundry.

    3. That is weird. I would back away slowly with my 10-foot pole.

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