Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why it's Ms. Crankypants, to you

What I saw today: a woman in the street unironically wearing a tiara

What I heard today: a prim and proper French woman call shredded cheese "raped cheese"

What I am covered in today: sand and toddler saliva (someone's a licker)

What I got chastised for by prim and proper French woman today: overly hasty tearing of tin foil-wrapped cookies makes it difficult to properly re-close; next time be more careful

Phone call I wish someone had thought to make today: the one telling me not to bother coming in to school today because the teacher was sick and they value my time too much to let me get up at 6:00 in the morning and spend over two hours on trains for nothing

Reason I am cranky today: see above


  1. Wait, does this mean you got the nanny job??

  2. It means I'm on a trial period where the mother eyes me skeptically and tells me everything I'm doing wrong (see tin foil incident).

  3. I recommend a small shopping spree...or a raid at Starbucks...or doing absolutely nothing today to combat crankiness. :)

  4. Weird coincidences:
    What I recently heard: a guy on the street offer to "lick" two of my students
    What I recently joked about all night: raping carrots.
    Synchronicity, non? I'll be on the lookout for tiaras and tin foil...

  5. tiaras are so pre economic downfall...

  6. fromage rapé means grated cheese!

    To rape in French = Violer