Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why the 'Blue Poppy dance' will soon be sweeping the nation

In case you missed it, the results of the DoW 200th blog post contest are in, and the winner is the amazing, the ethereal, and the inspirational Blue Poppy. And wow, did I get off easy. Her only request was that Fred perform the "Blue Poppy dance" again. Um, he did. I saw it. Does that count? Plus, her lovely comment left me feeling like I had won a prize. Seriously, this woman is good for the self-esteem! So, Blue Poppy, I recognize that you let me off easy, but if in the future you need anything at all- an Eiffel Tower key chain, a shipment of real, French pastries (thoughI can't guarantee their freshness upon arrival), a stoppered bottle of sweet, sweet Parisian air- I am at your disposal.

VoilĂ ! C'est tout. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Kiss Kiss Kiss SMOOCH

    You make me feel so very special-- with any luck (*fingers crossed*) I will be in Paris next October and we can go sit in a cafe and share a patissierie!

    bisous, bp

  2. Perfect! And with any luck I will be in Paris next October as well (although on ne sait jamais). I am already looking forward to it. :)