Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why I'm going to call this a post-Christmas cleanse

Talia's visit is starting off with a real bang, as less than 24 hours after her arrival I bundled her up and put her on a train to Paris to enjoy a day at the Louvre, by herself. She doesn't speak French or know her way around the city or the train system, but I did give her a map, because that's just the sort of hostess I am. The kind who invites her best friend to travel thousands of miles by airplane and spend hundreds of dollars to come visit for five days, and then gaily pushes her out the door saying, "Have fun! Don't forget your mittens!" Canaan and I, meanwhile, are spending the day huddled under comforters in our pajamas, waiting out the after-effects of some kind of stomach bug/food poisoning/turns-out-it's-not-a-hangover-after-all form of rampant, full-body ick. One of us spent the night retching into a toilet of questionable cleanliness while the other alternately shivered and sweated on the couch while watching a show about ice fishing and desperately trying to think happy, non bile-inducing thoughts.

Other than that the Christmas holidays have been very pleasantly spent so far, beginning with a trip to Normandy that included oysters, foie gras, champagne, and opening presents at midnight. It also included a visit to the majestic Mont Saint-Michel and a shell-seeking mission on a cold and windy beach.

Saint Michel was one hell of an architect

Personally, I would have added an exclamation point

Buggies on the beach

Dazed & Droopy

Healthy, happy, and blissfully unaware of upcoming stomach trauma

Christmas day itself was spent mostly on trains, while Christmas night found us at the luxurious abode of the Evolving Revolver, who hosted a party for us Christmas orphans. We ate good food, drank good wine, and chatted with some lovely and hilarious people. All of this was followed by a White Elephant gift exchange, also known as a Yankee Swap, and people, I must have the best Yankee Swap luck. Remember how I lucked out last year with Noodle the dachshund? (You all remember Noodle, right?) Check out my catch this year...

Framed Korean masks! And their braids are made of string and swing back and forth when you shake them! The absolute best part of this gift, however, is the English translation of the story, which I will take the liberty of transcribing for you:

(Important Intangible Cultural Asset No. 69)
The Mask of Hahoe Byeolsin Exorcism
The exorcism was originated from Hahoe-ri, Pungcheon-myeon, Andogkun, Kyeong-buk, Korea. According to the legend, the Hahoe mask was made by a boy named Heo by the revelation of god at the middle age of Konyo Dynasty. However, it is known that the boy was died by the anger of god at the moment when a girl who has been in one sided love made a hole on the door of work and looks at his working on the mask.

A lesson to us all, really. Should you find yourself in one-sided love, make not a hole on the door of work, lest you too be died. It's sad when you realize that most angry god-related deaths are completely preventable...

I hope everyone's holidays were equally pleasant, though hopefully less nausea-inducing. I'm off to take a nap and maybe comtemplate the possibility of eating something at some point. (Baby steps). A bientôt.


  1. "Personally, I would have added an exclamation point"

    This is why you're such a fabulous writer.

    Oh. Hang on. Wait a minute.

    This is why you're such a fabulous writer!

    That's better.

  2. Oh no!!!! I had no idea you were so ill. I hope it wasn't something I fed you....

    Feel better soon (exclamation point!)

  3. Dawn, you make me laugh. And this is why you're such a fabulous commenter! :)

    Evolutionary Revolutionary- I'm sure that that's not the case. Your chapon was the best castrated male chicken I've ever eaten! (I looked it up). :)

  4. Hope you feel better soon... Happy New Year to you!!

  5. Well, the castrated ones ARE the best. I hope ya'll are feeling better today!

  6. I hope that you're feeling better. The suburbs of Paris sound fantastic when compared to the (almost) suburbs of Austin.

  7. Joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année !!!
    A bientôt !