Friday, November 21, 2008

Why it's good to have friends (who blog)

I am happy to report that I have converted two of my formerly non-blogging friends (to the "dark side," if you will) through the power of nagging and peer pressure alone. (Come on! Everyone else is doing it...) They finally got their acts together, and I was more than happy to expand my Google reader by two.

The first to jump on the blogging bandwagon was my friend and former guest poster, Molly. She's liberal, she's opinionated, and she doesn't post nearly enough (although I guess working on her thesis is a valid excuse), and her blog is called Reverse Culture Shock. (Ok, and now I just had a crazy laughing fit, because when you read the words "old, banal adage" fast, it looks a lot like "old, anal bandage." And, ha! Also, ew! Can you even...? eh, it's best not to think about it too much. Ha!)

Next, I am very happy to announce my friend Canaan's blogging debut. She loves cocktails, Tom Robbins, and polka dots, and she's a genius waitress (so you better tip well). Her blog is La Ricaine's Cocktail Hour, and did I mention that, like me, she is also a crazy American blogging from France? She only has two posts so far, but I look forward to lots more good stuff to come. I also look forward to some dual-blogging action when I go to visit her in Grenoble for her birthday next weekend (yay!) Check back to hear all about our adventures.

So, I encourage you to check out these smart and talented ladies, add them to your Google readers or whatever you do, and maybe say hello for me.

Cheers, everyone. And happy Friday!


  1. thanks for the plug rach! now i feel pressure to write more.. you planned it that way didn't you? sneaky! :D besos! -mol

  2. Thanks Rachel! Now I know that Molly has a blog, too! I'll be following you both. Now if I can only remember to post more comments... :)

  3. Why I love Grenoble:
    Grenoble is great because I get to hang out with my friend Canaan, who is so incredibly welcoming. She told me to make myself at home, and is the best host ever!

    Recipe no4: Sour Milk
    Boy, it's good to see Rach and all, but when I told her to make herself at home, I didn't really mean it. I mean, I came home today, and she had apparently borrowed my shirt. My gray silk shift! Oh, I hate her!

  4. Wow, I hope I can live up to everyone's expectations...apparently I have one fan of my hosting abilities out there, although I'm not sure who they are so I can't be that good of a host. What ever happened to Recipe nº3? Oh I'd better go and write it...

  5. blogging is peeving me. nobody writes letters anymore. even emails have fallen by the wayside. well, maybe if you didn't say it all so much better than me, I'd jot down my thoughts too. miss you so much milady!