Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why boredom is dangerous

I recently ran across some pictures I took of myself in my childhood bedroom when I was testing out my new laptop with its built-in web cam about a month or so ago. I'm going to show them to you, but that just shows how much I trust you, Internet, how comfortable I feel around you, because believe me when I say, these are not the most flattering pictures in the world. (I mean, we're not talking post-dental work unflattering here, but still). I usually try to keep a pretty professional demeanor around here, but after the bird poop on the head incident I figured, well, you've all been witness to me at my worst, and you've stuck with me, so why hold anything back? And so, I present to you a piece I like to call...

Say Ahh...

Which shoulder is higher, I ask you? Which one???

Yes, that is a thimble collection on the wall, you wanna make something of it?

God, I'm easily amused.

Now, I believe the correct response when you come across someone in this condition is to lie them down, loosen their collar, and place a wooden spoon in their mouth until the twitching stops.

And now, Internet, you have been privy to the deepest, innermost, and tongue-iest parts of my soul. And the web cam has officially been retired.

(You're welcome).


  1. Très drôle et très spirituel !

  2. Oh come on, you're way too tough on yourself -- you're super cute!

  3. Cute! And I like your hair!

    I forgot to comment on your last post, but one of my biggest fears is getting shat upon by a bird at an inopportune time, or any time for that matter. See, it's never happened to me, and I'm convinced that it happens to everyone one time in their life. At least you got yours out of the way with a dude you're really not that into!

  4. on the way to the zoo in high school, we got off the metro in cleveland park, and a bird dropped the kids off on my neck. I don't remember who was behind me, but I thought at first that they spit on me. I can't remember if it was a good day or not, but it's interesting nonetheless.

  5. I just came across your blog recently and was looking through some of your older entries. I feel that i have to tell you that I had that EXACT SAME THIMBLE HOLDER when I was a girl! I had several of the thimble sets in it as well. Thanks for the memory!