Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why volunteering rocks

So I went to the Wilco show last night and it looked a whole lot like this:

(Bellies portrayed are for representative purposes only, and may or may not be fans of the artistic stylings of Jeff Tweedy. No fetuses were harmed in the making of this post).

In any case, it seemed like at least 30% of the female population was visibly, hugely, ready-to-pop pregnant. Apparently unborn fetuses and their host bodies love the Wilco; you heard it here first. Shopping for an expecting friend? Try a Wilco onesie, it's sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

I was lucky enough to attend this event for free, as a volunteer. I wish I had been able to hold up my end of the bargain a little more effectively, but I ended up trailing Talia mutely as she worked her clipboard-wielding, signature-collecting, community-activating charm. (I did hold some brochures, though). What can I say, she's had a lot more experience at this than I have, and besides, there was only the one clipboard, after all. And, I like to think I provided some much-needed moral support. For our hard work and dedication we saw the show and drank for free, and as it neared the end of the over two-hour performance, we packed up shop and flashed our smeared hand stamps for entrance into the VIP area (apparently missing Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins by mere minutes). Upstairs it was an oasis of subtle lighting, potted plants, attractively padded benches, and more free food and booze. I took the presence of yet more pregnant ladies walking around as a good sign - more wine for me! (Although the tray of chocolate chip cookies I had my eye on disappeared in like a minute flat).

In short, volunteering rocks. Giving back to the community is so important, and I encourage everyone to do it. In fact, now that I have the taste for volunteering, I'm hoping to do it again soon, perhaps during the Regina Spektor concert tomorrow. But only because it's for a good cause, of course.


  1. It's your civic duty to continue volunteering at shows - think of the fetuses!

  2. Yeah, yeah, I know. Life sucks. Even with free fgood and drinks and celebrities.

    But what on earth is a Wilco show?

    /s/20th Century Man

    (a.k.a. M)