Monday, August 18, 2008

Why do they never show this on Cops?

I haven't been feeling very inspired lately, but you can go here to read a very brief account of my weekend. 

Now when someone asks if I've ever been in the back of a police car I can say, "Well, actually..." And it is better to show up to a party in a cop car than to leave in one, I always say. 

Cheers, all.


  1. They wouldn't show my escapade either. Long story short (although it won't seem that way anyway):

    My car broke down in the middle of a pretty busy street (or as busy as it can get in central CT).

    It was a Sunday morning. Very, very early. I was out getting mulch for our lawn, if that explains what the hell I was doing out.

    The ringer on the phone in my bedroom is set to OFF (not anymore, I might add) so my husband didn't hear any of the 51 times (I kid you not) that I was stranded.

    In the meantime, a policeman told me he'd stick around to ward off the traffic. He did that simply by parking there, lights flashing, and standing on the sidewalk gabbing with me.

    AAA towed the car to a garage and I told the towing guys, "no, I don't need a lift home -- my husband will answer the phone soon."

    The cop stayed with me while I tried times 48, 49, 50 and 51. He still didn't hear the phone, and the cop said he was going to take me home.

    Same seats. Same sliding. But it was quite hilarious when he pulled into our cul-de-sac. I was praying that at least one of my neighbors would see this happening. Alas, no. He offered to turn on the siren, which cracked me up. But, of course, THAT MAY HAVE WOKEN MY HUSBAND!!!!!

  2. Dawn, I'll say it again - You need a blog!!!

  3. Were you cuffed? (It would make a more ... interesting ... story.)

  4. Yeah, but I couldn't post anything before 7.00am, or I'd write something like this, which I did in my previous comment:

    " my husband didn't hear any of the 51 times (I kid you not) that I was stranded."

    which really means:

    " my husband didn't hear any of the 51 times (I kid you not) that I PHONED HIM WHILE I was stranded."

    Would you read a blog by someone who writes in a sleep-deprived trance? I didn't think so.

    I think I'd resort to daily pictures of my dog too. People hate that, don't they? (Yeah, I read Dooce. I'd be worse than her.)

    But thanks. :)

  5. I did a ride-along was awesome!

    Of course, it's entirely different when you're with the cops by invitation, rather than, say, arrest.