Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Why you should feel sorry for me

To my reader who expressed interest in what I'm eating here, this is what I had for breakfast yesterday:

Coffee, toast and chocolate

And this is what I ate for a mid-morning snack:

Churros y chocolate

I'm noticing a pattern here, are you?

In other news, it appears that there is some great shopping to be had in Madrid. For instance yesterday I found the most perfect purple dress with pockets and a slight ruffle (but not too much of a ruffle) in a store called Mango, and did I mention that it had pockets? Unfortunately, even if I had the money for a perfect purple pocketed dress, which I don't, I don't even have one cubic inch of luggage to spare, and as I said to Molly, I am in Europe and I can't even go shopping, and why is my life so hard??? Truly, I am to be pitied.


  1. Pockets? Like pockets that would fit laptops, passports, cash, and snakebite antivenin? Something like that would be perfect!!

  2. I may have to stop reading your blog when I'm hungry too (Talia's just about kills me). Now I'm off to go find some chocolate...

  3. A little chocolate makes up for a lot of shopping. My new motto.