Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why you may never look at ham the same way again

Ok folks, here's a quick wrap-up of Spain in pictures so I can go ahead and move on to France. Things are happening here faster than I can write them, I swear.

First, yet another new culinary experience for me: canned mussels and potato chips. Yet again I was skeptical. Yet again I was won over by the ingenuity of these clever, clever Spaniards and their love of canned food items.

Moving on to Other Foods I Was Initially Suspicious Of, Thus Provoking Molly's Eternal Disdain...I've already described it to you, but I truly feel this is something that must be seen to be believed. Walking into Molly's kitchen, this is the sight that presents itself to you. But oh, what horrors does that terry cloth veil conceal?

Cover your eyes!! It's hideous!!!!!! Oh, the humanity...

This little piggie went to market...and now he's a delicious food product. Please to note hoof. Also, hair.
And now this is the point where I suppose I tell you that I did eat it and that it tasted, in fact, a lot like ham. Although I could have lived my whole life without knowing that the ham I eat comes from hairy-ankled pigs. That's a little TMI for me.

But as Grumpy mentioned in his comment on my last post, it really is true: ham is everywhere in Spain. Even, I discovered, at carnivals. As opposed to carnival games in the U.S. where you can win a giant stuffed animal, or a goldfish in a plastic baggie, in Spain you can win practical things, iron. Or yes, even a ham. (I was tempted to try to win one but was discouraged by the thought of having to hoof it around Europe. Har. Har har).

And now, on to less meat-related topics. Reason #475,281 that Molly is the awesomest host ever: not only will she spend her week escorting you around the city, cook awesome meals for you, and do your laundry for you, but she will also iron your pants for you, even in the face of your loudest protests. Or, you know, as you lounge on the couch with your cafe con leche, murmuring weakly, "No, stop, don't...Well, ok...if you insist." Don't ask me why Molly is so nice, for it defies all reason and logic. All I know is I'm damn lucky to have her as a friend.

All in all, Spain was tons of fun. But now it's off to France, where new adventures await.
Hasta luego, Espana. Y gracias, Molly.


  1. oh my god! oh my god! so so so excited! spain had me at "ham ankles."

  2. de nada rach! you're welcome-- anytime.. and tal, yay! only a few more weeks!! we have to talk about plans... besos!

  3. You know, I'm not even sure where I would buy a ham stand like Molly's got there.